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There were many, many authors and actresses in the grand play that was GOSPEL. To describe them all and their exploits is truly the direst of enterprises.





Matsuki Takato

“The Alpha and the Omega; Primum Mobile; Lord of All That Was, Is, and Will Be; Tzimzum, The Great Father; The Primordial Man; Anthropos; Ha-Rishon; Systema Sephiroticum; Architect of Boundaries; Shaper of Reality; Illuminated Hierarch; Voice of the Father; Patriarch of Heaven; The Infinite Being; Systemic Sovereign…Onii-chan.”

The primary protagonist of GOSPEL; the glory of God fills the world with hope and brightness…




The Triune, Rachel

“The proud trinity, bound by infinite love.”

Lilith, Sophia & Shekinah, the three wives of Adam Kadmon, and main characters of GOSPEL.




The Ten Archangels

“The radiant leaders of the Army of Heaven, stalwart protectors of Balance.”

Matsuki Takato’s foremost allies and the main focus of Books 1-6.




The Ten Archdemons

“The wicked leaders of the Hordes of Hell, harbingers of Chaos and destruction and vile shadows of the Archangels.”

Antitheses of the Archangels and their most dangerous opponents. Moloch was introduced as early as Book One, and the others appeared in Books Four and Five. They are all defeated in Book Six, “The Day of Revelation.”




The Heavenly Host

“Those among the Incarnated Divinities and Aeternals who were smart enough to pick onii-chan’s and my side.”

Incarnated characters that fought alongside Takato in the Last Holy War.




The Hellish Horde

“Losers. Agenda-hungry losers, the whole lot of them.”

Incarnated characters who challenged the Army of Heaven during the Last Holy War.




The Next Generation

“The war was over, but there were still some loose ends...those were painful times…for all of us.”

Nonaka Arisu, Minami Kotoko & Yumemiya Lillia, the main characters of Book Seven, “Promise of the Setting Sun.”




The Demonic Revolution

“Ambition is worthless without the power to make it reality.”

Samael, the Father of Demons, and his servants; the antagonists of Book Seven, “Promise of the Setting Sun.”




Other Characters

“Cannon fodder.”



Additional Characters

"The Aspect of Culmination; Prophet of Adam Kadmon."


          "The original human saviors of the Digital World. Their legacy permeated the future history of both worlds."



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