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Page history last edited by Daneel Rush 12 years, 8 months ago

Daneel Rush's GOSPEL Wiki



"Hello, there, mortals. I've been told a new GOSPEL website is on the making, and this guy here insisted I added a few words. Unfortunately for me, I can't say no because, well, he's the author. In any case, be thankful! You get this unique chance to revel in mine and onii-chan's glorious and wonderful exploits! And I guess you get to read about everyone else. Think of that as an added bonus. But, really, this 'wiki' thing sure is troublesome! And I'm supposed to manage this thing!? Ugh......I feel tired already. Seriously, this is a waste of time......anyway, just check it out. The fact I'm writing stuff here should be incentive enough!"



And those were the words of my assistant writer, Takako-san. I'm starting to regret it, but what better source of GOSPEL info than the soul of GOSPEL itself?


Well, this is it. A better attempt at a decent GOSPEL website with all the detailed info you might possibly need to better understand the insane storyline my wicked mind has conceived......as well as lots of random stuff I write for the hell of it. Takako will be adding comments of her own, so it should prove amusing, to say the least. And I guess Angela will eventually want to give it a try, probably to write something to embarrass me or something. But I'm rambling too much, aren't I? Just......check it out. And I hope you enjoy it. Takako doesn't really give a damn.





To Do


  • Everything!














All comments, suggestions and critiques should go to daneel_ff@hotmail.com.


Digimon is properly credited Bandai, Toei and Disney. Kudos to Akiyoshi Hongo for coming up with the idea in the first place. And a very special mention to Chiaki Konaka for giving us Tamers.


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Susidegink said

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