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"The Archdemons are the former angels who led Lucifer’s rebellion as his commanders. They are all siblings, born of Sophia and Adam Kadmon. The descent into hell has changed into obscure mockeries of what they used to be, their radiance replaced by an irredeemable thirst for chaos and destruction. They are the manifestations of the evil in this world, and the shadows of the Ten Archangels.


There are two exceptions to the previous statements. Asmodeus is a recent addition to the group; a youngling within Supernal standards, being younger than even humanity. The other exception is, of course, me.”


This page will offer a brief description of the Ten Archdemons as Hellish Entities and shadows of the Archangels. For more detailed information on their current Incarnations, their abilities and their role in GOSPEL, check the Characters section.





The First Archdemons, Moloch & Satan

Emperor of Hell, The Betrayers, Prosecutor of All That Exists, He Who Showers in the Blood of the Newborn and Drinks Parents’ Tears, Shadows of Metatron & Sandalphon


Level: 94

Agenda(s): Duality


"The demon twins, Moloch & Satan, rule over Hell as one. They have the power to exist simultaneously as a single entity or as their original, separate existences. They can do the same thing in the Lower Realm regardless of whether they incarnate in a single human or a pair of twins.


Metatron’s Sefira, Kether, represents the Unity and Totality of God: God as a single being from which everything else is originated. However, implicit within this Unity exist the concept of Duality and a universe governed by the Harmony of Opposites, as established by the concepts of Balance and Chaos and the Agenda of Boundaries. Unity is also Duality: Adam and Lilith, Metatron and Sandalphon. Therefore, Duality itself is not a bad thing. Moloch and Satan represent the disharmony of opposing forces and the chaos resulting from this disharmony, as proven by the original Holy War, which at its root began with a disagreement between Adam and I.


Metatron is the pinnacle of Heaven; the receptacle of God’s Will (Ein Soph Aur). His counterpart is Sandalphon, the martyr, who stands at the bottom and supports Heaven with his very existence, like Atlas. The might and the will of God flow from Metatron through the entire Hierarchy of Heaven and pool again within Sandalphon, from which they are then poured upon the Lower Realm. It is a natural flow, which implies that the entirety of the Hierarchy acts as a single entity: the Unity of God. This is Balance.


This structure does not exist in Hell. Moloch and Satan rule together, as one, as tyrants. This is Thamiel. Blind as they are to the proper structure of existence, they no longer can receive the blessings of the Father. The power of their angelic counterparts resides in their role as those who shower the Realms Above and Below with the power of God. Moloch and Satan only care about their own power, to oppress and rule over the Hordes of Hell. Therefore, the two demonic twins also represent selfishness, arrogance, egocentrism and spiritual pride.”



The Second Archdemon, Lucifuge Rofocale

Prime Minister of Hell, Repentant of Radiance, Shadow of Tzaphkiel


Level: 79

Agenda(s): Confusion, Deformity, Disease, Earthquakes, Falsehood, Vapidity


"Lucifuge roughly means ‘He who flees the light’. His existence is actually closer to ‘He who hides the light’. Tzaphkiel’s Sefira, Binah, represents deductive reasoning. To take the product of Chokhmah, nurture it and shape it into something concrete. If Raziel represents natural insight and sparks of brilliance, Tzaphkiel represents formal analysis, experimentation and scientific development. Raziel is natural genius; Tzaphkiel is academic effort. The Father is present in both; neither is better or more significant than the other.


Lucifuge’s Sathariel represents the intent to prevent the development and creation of new knowledge; to take the wonder out of creating knowledge, either by hiding its true significance or by spreading falsehoods and confusion, preventing others from acquiring knowledge. Not just knowledge, but skills, interests, ambition and many other things. He represents the things and people in life who really are out to get you; to get in the way of your pursuit of happiness: he is the teacher that purposely hampers your studies, the rival jockey that poisons your animal’s food, the father who claims you are a failure and the young femme who married you for your money." 



The Third Archangel, Beelzebub

Chief Lieutenant of Hell, Lord of the Flies, Shadow of Raziel


Level: 70

Agenda(s): Gluttony


"Beelzebub is Raziel’s shadow. Raziel’s Sefira of Chokhmah represents raw intellect, natural insight, creativity and inspiration. Our thoughts are our own; they are not imposed upon us by the Father. However, by the use of intuition and insight to create ideas and bring them to our consciousness, we follow the will of the Father. This is the creative energy and potential that will be received by Binah for intellectual analysis and development and its eventual unleashing upon the world.


Beelzebub’s Chaigidel represents the force that hinders this natural process of intellectual development: the refusal to channel that intellectual capacity towards its proper outcome. He represents the selfish thirst for knowledge; to know things for the sake of knowing them, for nothing but empty arrogance and self-satisfaction. He represents a selfishness that will even hinder others.


In this way, like Belphegor, Beelzebub also represents wasted potential. However, unlike Belphegor, who represents the unwillingness to tap into that potential on the first place, Beelezebub represents the unwillingness to use that potential for the sake of anybody but himself.”



The Fourth Archdemon, Asmodeus

Prince of Hell, Radiant Artificer of Perversion, Shadow of Kamael


Level: 76

Agenda(s): Carnal Desire, Destruction, Fire, Morbidity, Revenge, Sadism


“Asmodeus, the fledging Archdemon, has gained considerable power in a relatively small amount of time since his birth. This is probably because he possesses a good set of Agendas. It’s not particularly difficult to gain power when he represents some of the most intimate sins of men everywhere.


First of all, Asmodeus represents reckless, wanton destruction. To harm for the sake of harming. It is the shadow of Kamael’s Geburah, which represents the Severity of God.


Geburah is the “punishing” God. Geburah represents the suffering of mortal life and its final conclusion. It represents personal tragedies and natural disasters. Thus, it also represents the virtue of humanity by overcoming these difficulties, and the fact that life can only flourish following death. Geburah is destruction as part of a cycle of death and renewal; and tragedy as the flame that tempers human character. Geburah is the stern hand of the mother that scolds her child, as well as her restraint. Geburah is tough love. 


The shadow of Geburah is Asmodeus’ Golachab, which represents destruction without control. It is the flame that consumes everything; even itself. It’s a monster that crushes everything that stands on its way. Completely devoid of kindness, he revels in the suffering of others. To Asmodeus, the entire universe is inferior, a tool to be used and then stepped on.” 



The Fifth Archdemon, Astaroth

Duchess of Hell, Crimson Thorn of Morality, Shadow of Tzadkiel


Level: 79

Agenda(s): Depression, Greed, Pointlessness, Vanity


“The vain demoness of the Fifth Klipot, Gamchicoth, and the antithesis of the tender Tzadkiel.


Tzadkiel’s Chesed is Mercy. Just like Geburah represents the obstacles of life, the stones life puts on your way, the pain you take and dish out on others, and the restraint to know when enough is enough; Chesed represents the kindness of yourself and others, as well as the little blessings life gives you. It represents initiative and the beginning of a series of events; the initial trigger that leads to subsequent actions and benefits. You could say Chesed represents the very first flag in an eroge heroine’s route, ufufufu.


Gamchicoth is the shadow of Chesed. It’s the merciless hell of running in circles and living without direction and the ignorance that leads people to stupid mistakes. It’s the excessive kindness that becomes lack of self-respect. It’s also the selfishness of those who believe only they are worthy of life’s blessings. Astaroth is in those who only know how to complain at their ‘misfortune’. She is in the false friend who is only close to you to exploit you. She is in the bullied boy who never fights back. She is in the idiot who thinks a girl’s smile is synonym with romantic interest and in the other idiot who doesn’t get the real hints. She is the celebrity stalker, the teenage bimbo, the faux bishounen, the alcoholic father and the wrist-cutting goth.”



The Sixth Archdemon, Belphegor

Misanthropic Lady of the Opening, Licentious and Lazy Demoness, Shadow of Raphael


Level: 90

Agenda(s): Inaction, Hopelessness, Routine, Sloth


“Belphegor is one of the most powerful Archdemons, and with good reason, as she represents one of the greatest dangers of human existence. She is truly a fearsome and excellent counterpart to Raphael.


Raphael’s Tipheret represents the beauty of life and the harmony of an ideal existence. It’s the exaltation of human existence, tempered by conflict and challenges posed by Geburah and nurtured by Chesed’s kindness and the will to move forward. It’s the harmony of giving and receiving. Tipheret is Sharing, Service, Health, Maturity, Growth and Love: the pillars of a fulfilling life.


The fulfillment and joy promised by Tiphereth come only to those willing to strive for them. Belphegor’s counterpart, Thagirion, represents hopelessness. Happiness is a lie: no matter how hard you work for it, it will never come to be. So why bother in the first place? Thagirion represents Inaction, born of laziness or the lack of a will to move forward. Good things don’t come to those who don’t reach for them, and Thagirion rests in the hearts of those who won’t try to earn their own happiness.


Belphegor is the lazy, stupid son who moves through carried by his parents’ influence and wealth. Belphegor is the married couple whose flame has been smothered to that terrible monster called routine. Belphegor is the hikikomori, the xenophobe and the procrastinator…



…Belphegor is what I became when you left me, onii-chan.”



The Seventh Archdemon, Adrammelech

Chancellor of Hell, Mischievous President of Hypocrisy, Shadow of Michael


Level: 46

Agenda(s): Bureaucracy, Desolation, Failure, Hidden and Half-Truths, Hypocrisy, the Sun


“The Chancellor of Hell, the witty and elegant Adrammelech, is a dangerous demon whose words can prove as painful and destructive as his techniques.


Michael’s Hod represents the resulting manifestation of an idea, following reasoning and meditation. It is intent given form. We have moved from the realm of ‘thought’ described in the Higher Sefira, to the realm of ‘action’. Hod is the process that leads to an intended result. Hod is Perseverance, Dedication, Learning, Rationality, Trial and Error, Intellectuality, Strategy, Carefulness and Self-Control. 


On the other side, Adrammelech’s Klipot, Samael, represents the consequence of Belphegor’s Thagirion. If you do nothing, the result is nothing. Zero plus zero equals zero. Samael is the desolation that follows inaction. However, Samael is not just a result of doing nothing. It also represents the consequences of doing things in a way other than the way they should have been done, and the consequences of listening to the wrong advice. Samael is Failure in all its forms.”



The Eighth Archdemon, Baal

Duke of Hell, Architect of Multiplicity, Shadow of Haniel


Level: 86

Agenda(s): Excess, Licentiousness, Multiplicity, Promiscuity, Rashness


“Baal is the proud and dangerous owner of an Agenda I’ve wanted for a very long time: Multiplicity. This mighty Archdemon is the embodiment of going too far.


While Michael’s Hod represents working hard to achieve your dreams and overcome your obstacles, Haniel’s Netzach represents stomping over your troubles and showing them who’s boss. Netzach is the ecstasy of overwhelming victory and the passion that overcomes the impossible.


Of course, then, Baal’s Harab Serapel symbolizes uncontrolled passion and covetousness. It’s the drive to succeed and possess with no regard for the consequences. It’s the belief that ‘freedom’ means being able of doing whatever you want. It represents Irresponsibility, Debauchery, Vice, Addiction and Obsession. Baal is the demon behind the hyperactive child, the obsessive girlfriend, the sex addict, the compulsive shoplifter, the thrill seeker and the corrupt politician. 


Why is it, then, that Baal does not possess Agendas such as Greed, Lust, and many, many others? The answer is amusingly simple. Baal is so chaotic and unstable himself, he lacks the self-control to hold on to the Agendas he rightfully deserves. Yes, such a thing is possible.”



The Ninth Archdemons, The Angels of Prostitution

The Four Beautiful and Depraved Queens of Hell, Shadows of Gabriel


Level: 38 (Eisheth Zenunim), 43 (Agrat Bat Mahlat), 56 (Naamah), 60 (Lilith)

Agenda(s): Obscenity, Prostitution, Seduction, plus more 


“Originally, I, Lilith, was the Ninth Archdemon, and my daughter Naamah was the Tenth. When I abandoned Hell and took to the Lower Realms via constant Reincarnation, I was ‘demoted’ to the lower rank, and my four lovely daughters took this position, uniting their powers so that the sum could be deemed worthy of the higher rank.


Not that I really care, though. Besides, four weaklings do not a threat make.


I’ve talked enough about Yesod, The Foundation, in other sections. It is the origin of all things, and the conversion of concept to form. An imbalance in this process can lead to an incorrect result, as well as to the degradation of the original concept. Gamaliel represents the corruption, degradation and perversion of both thought and shape. Obscenity. While any form of perversion is within the scope of Gamaliel, humans are sexual creatures, so this Qliphoth is particularly sex-oriented. That’s why it fits me and my daughters so well, I guess. 


Gamaliel is the rapist, the child molester, the sexual harasser and the adulterer. It is also in the slanderer, the blackmailer, the plagiarist and the compulsive liar.”



The Tenth Archdemon, Lilith the Supreme

Daughter of Chaos, Empress of Darkness, Mistress & Mother of Demons, The Sorrowful Betrayer, She of Infinite Sensuality & Source of All Pleasures, The Tortuous Serpent, The Sinful, Shadow of Adam


Level: 96

Agenda(s): Duality, Lust, Sex, the depraved, perverted aspects of Love in general, countless other Agendas.


“Hmm…should I really talk about myself, too? It will be an awfully subjective commentary, I warn you! Tee-hee!


The greatness that is Lilith can –and must! – be observed from many different perspectives. There is Lilith, the Aspect; Lilith, the Mother; Lilith, the Seductress; Lilith, the Wife; Lilith, the Mastermind; and Lilith, the Loli. Let us, then, devote a few words to Lilith, the Archdemon.


I have mentioned it before: Sandalphon’s Sefira is Malkuth, The Kingdom. The physical reality, as the manifestation of God’s Power and Glory, after flowing past the Hierarchy of Heaven and the previous Sefira. The will of the divine travels from the Eternal Static Realm of Paradise to the Lower Realm through Sandalphon. What came from God will return to God, through the existence and destruction of all things. The universe is in constant motion.


The distortion of Malkuth is Nehemoth: Stagnation. It does not mean absence of motion; it means absence of progress. Even if the individual pieces move constantly, if their individual motions cancel each other out the result is still a worthless equilibrium. It’s Brownian motion, my dear. The source does not matter: ignorance, fear, laziness, prejudice…as they say…individuals may be smart but people are surprisingly stupid.


Of course, I have the Agenda of Stagnation…somewhere…ah, there it is. 


Just like The Kingdom encompasses pretty much everything, Nehemoth is almost everywhere, from the incompetent ruler to the bride abandoned at the altar. Nehemoth is the irresponsible student, the businessman who wastes his income in booze, gambling and women, the abused housewife, the illiterate children, the uneducated masses and the opportunistic media.”




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