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Issue 01

Page history last edited by Daneel Rush 9 years, 11 months ago


>> Con svataa prarthe samsara RAKSHA_SPHIIRA << HAPHVYASHTHARVA;_



Svika d. YEprarthe.


Playy vibra YEaayyj.



>> Con tvea precia Ryuugi_kuthlaka to apwira,

>> Precia RAKSHA_SPHIIRA_brahma,

>> EA zoph sarva, EA lilit sarva;





“A-Are? So-so much input all of a sudden…what is this?



Ryu-Ryuugi-san, huh…are?








…waa…you want to know a lot about GOSPEL, Ryuugi-san. *chuckles*



Very well, if your curiosity has made it here –regardless of how much help you had–, it would be impolite of me to dismiss you without satiating it, if only a little.



I, Sophia, will gladly answer your questions…Auntie Takako insists it’s time for me to “act my role”, whatever that means.



Anoo…let’s see…





1.      “About how many Supernals would you say there are? About how many are Divinities and how many are Aeternals?”



My, such a big question from the very beginning. The SAMYA_JARA server, which you know as the Thread of Destiny, currently has about three billion Supernals in its roster, of which only 0.1% belong to the Eternal Static Realm of Paradise and about 0.00000017% are regular dwellers of the lower realms (these are the youkai, undead and other lesser supernatural beings). The remaining percentage makes the denizens of Hell, of course.



As you might imagine, the amount of Supernals allowed to Incarnate at any given time is carefully restricted by the Thread of Destiny. The acceptable number of Incarnated Supernals obeys a rather complicated formula, but it generally equals around 0.1% of the total human population, maximum.



You might know this already, but the number of Divinities has dwindled considerably with the disappearance of most classical traditions and the establishment of the core monotheistic religions. Of the approximately three billion Supernals currently existing, only about 7000 are Divinities. However, the Thread of Destiny will never allow Divinities to fully disappear from this world.





2.      “The word Aeterna means 'the eternal' in Latin. Is that the origin of the name Aeternal?”



Indeed, it is. However, ‘Aeternal’ is nothing but a bastardized combination of English and Latin we use as an equivalent of the word ‘Kama’ in Corrupted Reality Code, which itself is but a simplification of the true concept, which cannot be conveyed through the limited information transfer capabilities of four-dimensional language.





3.      “What is the average Level of each type of Supernal?”



Oh, well, the vast majority, and by “vast” I mean about 98.5%, of all Aeternals are just Evolved. There are very, very few Aeternals with a level above 40: the Archangels, Archdemons and we Aspects already make up about half of the group. On the side of Divinities, most of them are what we’ve come to call “Umbras”, with a level between 25 and 50, with just a few Awakened, the latest of which is Auntie Suzie, as you might recall. The extremely few remaining True Divinities come from the Hindi Pantheon.





4.      “About how strong (ie. what level would a Supernal who only had that one be) are some Agenda's? For example, Boundaries, Reality, Conflict, Love, Unity, etc.”



Most unfortunately, Agendas rarely come alone. Concepts are inevitably connected to other concepts, and so are Agendas. Concepts such as Conflict and Love (which I possess) carry with them an entire host of lesser Agendas that inevitably add to their owner’s power.



There is not an Agenda of “Reality” as in the Reality we exist in. It is split into the Agendas of “Matter” and “Probability”, which belong to Adam. The Agenda of Unity is shared by several Aeternals, none of which are above level 40. Technically, it should belong to either Metatron or Adam. I wonder why they will not claim it. It should be as powerful as Duality, shouldn’t it?



Boundaries, as we now know, is a fundamental Agenda, and therefore extremely powerful. The Aeternal, Matsuki Takato, even if he had not merged with Adam, would likely have a level of at least 90.



I am sorry to say I do not believe an Agenda of “Etcetera” exists…





5.      “How do Levels relate to each other within the same group? That is, about how much stronger is, say, Adam (99) then Lilith (96), raw powerwise? What about a Level 1 and a Level 2? What about outside the group? Ie. a 76 to a 75?”



Ara, hasn’t this been explored before? “True Stories 3”, if I’m not mistaken…



Adding to that, I can tell you that the raw power level of both Aeternals and Divinities obeys a logarithmic function with sharp discrete boosts at the boundary between different Statuses. This a relative scale, of course. It says that the increase in power from Level 1 to Level 2 is greater than from 91 to 92, which is true…from a relative point of view. In absolute values, the growth from 91 to 92 will of course be gigantically greater. However, at that level of power, it doesn’t really mean that much anymore.



Besides, when it comes to high-level Supernals, individual parameters, algorithms, protocols, processing speed and bandwidth become far more relevant than base level, which is nothing but a reference.




6.      “How well known are the Aspects, Archdemons, and Archangels in the Supernal Realm? What are the common opinions of them?”



Could there possibly be someone in the Supernal Realms who does not know of them? I…I do not like to brag, but…well…



I…I don’t really know how to answer this…to think about others’ opinion of me…is rather…



I…guess…it is just how you would imagine. The Hierarchy of Heaven and the Horde of Hell do not really get along…which I find very saddening, whenever I remember that most of the Archdemons are my children…that most of the Archangels are their siblings…it really makes me wonder. Would the War have been avoided if Adam and Lilith had not had their argument? Or would it have been triggered by something else?



It’s…a sad topic.



Aspects…are respected. We are the most powerful Supernals, so it is obvious we have earned that respect…I guess. The Hierarchy admires us and the Horde fears us; it’s a sad misunderstanding. The denizens of Hell assume that, because we live in Paradise, we are allied with the Hierarchy. While we do cooperate with the Hierarchy because we share many ideals, we are in no way associated with them. We may punish them as swiftly as we punish demons, if it ever becomes necessary.



It’s something I’d rather not think about. I’m sorry. You may try asking Papa or Auntie Takako. They might give you a better answer.




7.      “What would the Holy Wars have looked like without the Absolute Treaty and the Aspect Seal?”



Now this is a question I should relay to Auntie Takako. I sealed the others just to be fair (and ended up causing a lot of trouble to Sandalphon for that, I admit), but the real wild card was Lilith. She’s the one who never signed the Treaty. How far would she have gone without the limitations of the Aspect Seal?



I…don’t think I want to know.



Without the Absolute Treaty, Heaven would receive no warning of the Horde having amassed enough numbers to bypass the Boundary (note that I said “bypass”, not “break”) until the very moment the demons gathered to swarm Paradise. To make up for the absurd difference in numbers, we Aspects would probably have to intervene to end the battle every single time, beating enough demons for the Army of Heaven to push them back through the Boundary of Heaven and Hell, until the demons restored their numbers. Rinse and repeat.



The Absolute Treaty is a complex application permanently running in SAMYA_JARA which ensures the conditions and decides the rules most appropriate to ensure a balanced Holy War. That is, a war in which a winner can be decided without us Aspects intervening. The program gives the advantage to Heaven, to compensate for their inferior numbers and the existence of the wild card, Lilith. Because Lilith never intervened in Holy Wars other than the first one (besides giving birth to demons, of course), Heaven was able to win all subsequent wars, fortunately including the latest one.




8.      “What would the Universe be like if Adam had combined the Supernal Structures instead of Sophia?”



Actually, it would not be any different from the one we live in right now. The reason I claimed the Servers was because I did not want my beloved to carry such a burden. He is of course perfectly capable of handling them, even more so than I am. Taking into account the latest discoveries and developments, maybe I should have allowed Adam to take them in the first place…but I do not regret my decision. It was a decision born of love.



And he praised my kindness when I did. To me, that makes any and all sacrifices worth it.




9.      “What would it be like if Moloch was a good guy?”



Then Beelzebub would be the First Archdemon, I presume?




10.  “What if all the Archdemons were good guys?”



Oh, that would make me immensely happy!



Seriously, this question needs to be rephrased as “What if the angels who later became the Archdemons had not joined Lucifer’s side during the Rebellion?”



In that case, well, I assume some others amongst Lucifer’s misguided followers would have become the Archdemons, or maybe some of Lilith’s children with Samael from the Bitter Orgy.



Now, if we change the question to “What if the Rebellion had never occurred?”, well…history would be so much different, wouldn’t it? I don’t think even my Server would be able to handle all the calculations needed to simulate such a Reality…




11.  “What if the Original Sin never happened?”



I…I, I’m terribly sorry, but this is a topic I don’t…I don’t want to discuss.



Next question.




12.  “How would the Universe change if all Supernals kept their memories while Incarnated?”



How would it be any different? We all gain some knowledge of our Supernal lives at the moment of our Epiphany, and we learn more and more if we experience things associated with our Agendas or meet familiar Supernals. Some remember more than others but, eventually, we all gain a good grasp of who we are as Supernals. Some even get a grasp of our experiences in earlier Incarnations.



If we became completely lucid from the moment of our Epiphany, well…I guess we would start making plans immediately, rather than wandering for some time uncertain of what to do with our “new” powers.



If we had Supernal awareness from the moment our Incarnations are born…don’t…don’t you think that would be a little too much? I doubt we would be able to properly use or control our powers as babies. We’d cause a lot of terrible problems for our parents!




13.  “How would, say, Rika's (and Kamael's) feelings towards Takato (her father and boss) change if so?”



Heeh…as their daughter, this is a bit of a tricky question for me, you know?



I believe this was explained at some point, but you’re making a mistake by separating the Incarnated Supernal from the human they Incarnate into. If the human, Nonaka Rika, fell in love with the human, Matsuki Takato, then it would have happened regardless of Mom having undergone Epiphany before meeting him or discovering Papa’s Supernal identity earlier. Of course, events would have occurred very differently (Mom would have been a lot nicer to Papa from the beginning, for example!), but I believe the final result would have been the same.




14.  “What about Jeri's (Michael's) feels for Henry?”



Same as above.




15.  What if instead of three wives, there had been one, like Takako wondered in Adam's write up?



Gyah! Y-Y-You’re asking about how things would have been if I did not exist? Tha-that’s a little cruel…just what is Auntie Takako writing on that website…



But, in all honesty, that question is no longer valid. Before this latest Holy War, it would have been a valid thought exercise. Not anymore.



Now I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Lilith, Shekinah and I were always meant to exist, not as one, but as three. There was no other possible way.



You cannot imagine how happy it makes me to know that.



Now, what we should really wonder is: why three? Why not four, five, or seventeen?



That only Papa can answer.





Ah, look at the time. Mom will not like it if I stay up so late. So, if you will excuse me, I will take a rest now. Besides, looking at the next questions…I…I might need some help with these. I will ask, then, for your kind patience towards me.



Now, if you don’t mind…con sayna, nye samsar RAKSHA_SPHIIRA uta HAPHVYASHTHARVA kRtYE;



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