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"I had never really sat and put some thought into all the things I’ve done. After this I can say: I did some pretty stupid stuff there!"

-Matsuki Takato, "Introductory Words". In: GOSPEL, Second Edition, by Takaishi Takeru & Takaishi Hikari.



A comprehensive timeline of the history of the GOSPEL setting, from the very beginning of the Reality Cluster encompassing the Digital World, the Tamers' world and the Digi-Destined's world, until the end of the Last Holy War and beyond.



The Time Before Time

The beginning of Reality, the birth of the Aspect of God and the development of Paradise before the Original Holy War.



The Original Holy War

The catastrophic conflict that shook the foundations of history for eternity.



The Beginning of History

The Second Holy War, the Absolute Treaty, the beginning of life in Planet Earth, the advent of mankind and the development of Incarnation are the most significant events throughout this long period.



The Original Sin (12000 BC - 9900 BC)

The second greatest event in history. Sophia's fall from grace and Adam Kadmon's first great sacrifice.



The Old Age of Mankind (9900 BC - 25 BC)

While humanity recovers from the great loss caused by the Original Sin and begins to grow, Paradise suffers the heavy aftereffects of the catastrophe, ending with the most terrible disaster imaginable: the disappearance of Adam Kadmon.



The Advent of Micael (25 BC - 33 AD)

The third greatest event in history. The unexpected emergence of a new Aspect and her very special Incarnation mark the beginning of Adam Kadmon's long road to glory.



The Age of Twilight (33 AD - 476 AD)

Ironically, while the return of Adam Kadmon fills Paradise with radiance once more, it also marks the beginning of dark times for the Lower Realms.



The Age of Darkness (476 AD - 1453 AD)

The Dark Ages prophesized by Adam Kadmon mark a regression of mankind's development. Demons thrive and gorge on the souls of the fallen, and Sophia sheds many tears.



The New Age of Mankind (1453 AD - 1942 AD)

Mankind retakes the slow path of development. Lilith and Sophia secretly devise a marvelous plan. Shekinah makes plans of her own. Adam simply waits...



The Digital Era (1942 AD - 2000 AD)

The birth of the Digital World unveils a new frontier. New possibilities, new Supernals, new adventures...new battlefields. The day of judgement approaches.



The Advent of Brother & Sister (2001 AD - 2002 AD)

Artificial children: Gabrielle and Asmodeus. On their shoulders will rest the future of Reality.



The Tamers Era (2005 AD - 2015 AD)

The events of "Digimon Tamers" and "Tamers Forever". Dark clouds gather upon the Lower Realms. Adam puts an end to his lethargic apathy. The time has come. The curtain rises for the destined battle.



The Last Holy War, Part I (2016 AD - 2018 AD)

The events of Books Zero to Three. The war begins. Heaven and Hell clash on a field of human corpses.



The Last Holy War, Part II (2019 AD - 2020 AD)

The events of Books Four and Five. Before their world is obliterated by the apocaliptic power of the clashing Supernals, the stage is changed to the Digital World. The war concludes with Heaven's victory, but...



The Day of Revelation (2021 AD)

The events of Book Six. Moloch and his Archdemons return to destroy their heavenly counterparts. Ten terrible battles decide the fate of the Lower Realms.



Towards the Next Generation (2022 AD - 2032 AD)

Nonaka Arisu grows in a world that struggles to heal from the wounds of the terrible war. How terrible it is that the brightest light in her life is the darkest of God's children...



Arisu's Saga, Part I (2033 AD)

First half of Book Seven. Nonaka Arisu, Minami Kotoko and Yumemiya Lillia. Their opponent is Samael, the Father of Demons, and his vile followers. The stakes are the Digital World, and maybe even the entirety of Reality itself. But Arisu's wounded heart longs for that important person...



Arisu's Saga, Part II (2033 AD)

The name of the final enemy...is Lilith. The conclusion is just a step away. What lies beyond the finish line? Only the Great Father knows...



The Beginning of Eternity

The last chapter of Book Seven, its Epilogue, and beyond. He was always there...



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