Issue 05

Still gathered at the table, the many denizens of the large Matsuki (former Nonaka) housing complex waited for their leader to announce the next question.



1. With all of the mentions of Adam's wives, I was wondering if there was ever an Eve? As in Adam and Eve?


Arisu: *groans and facepalms*


Takako: *chuckles* First time I hear you groan like that, sweetheart.


Takato: Maa, maa, you know she doesn’t like talking about that. And it was your fault anyway.


Takako: *faux shock* MY fault? It’s not MY fault she’s a gullible idiot!


Arisu: *mumbling* I thought you loved me.


Takako: I love you, dear; you know I do. That’s why I became your girlfriend. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re a gullible idiot. That’s why, as your lover, I now have the responsibility to protect you from your own idiocy.


Arisu: *growls under breath*


Ruki: Uhh…can we change the question before things get any worse? Rika here’s about to bite someone.


Rika: *glaring at Takako*


Takato: As expected, Shekinah has the best ideas. Thank you.


Ruki: Flattery won’t get you anywhere with me, Takato.


Takato: Anyway, to make this quick; yes, there was an Adam and an Eve. No, they were not the first humans in this world. I’ll save the whole story for a better time.



2. Would Alphamon be considered the strongest non Archangel/Archdemon digimon?


Rika: Considering she kicked your ass, I’d say she was, Gogglehead.


Takato: I knew either you or Ruki would bring that up. And I beat her the second time!


Rika: Ehhh…


Jeri: I…I’d say it was more of a tie…


Takato: You too, Jeri!


Jeri: I-I’m terribly sorry. But it really gave more of a tie-like feeling…


Henry: Well, Rei-san joined our side in the end, so it doesn’t really matter whether it was a tie or whatever.


Takato: It matters to me! I have pride, you know!


Takako: I thought you had fixed that ego problem of yours, Adam…


Takato: Mugyuu…





3. For Taichi's reality script (in which we all acknowledge as such, Takako) is he only allowed to die once, period - or once a battle?


Takako: Such insolence from a mere human!


Takato: Oh, stop it already.


Takako: Agh, whatever. Anyway, that…Script would be completely broken if it worked once per fight…




Takako: *rubs ears* Sheesh! Why so sensitive about that?


Taichi: Ugh…anyway. The contingent resurrection element of my Script–don’t give me that look, brat. The inward element works only once. I already spent it, so next time I die, that’ll be it for me.


Shinobu: Ta-Taichi-sama! P-Please don’t say such a thing! If something happened to Taichi-sama, I…I…!


Taichi: Oh, Shinobu, I’m just saying, just saying, don’t get like that…come here.


Rika: Aaaaand they’re off. To their own little world.


Takako: *snorts* Whatever. But, I thought this had already been explained on the website…Haa, I guess I can’t blame humans for being stupid, after a-OUCH! ONII-CHAN! You HIT me!


Terriermon: There’s a God! Hallelujah!


Everyone: *stares at Terriermon*


Terriermon: …What!? It’s a saying!



4. Does Incarnation begin at Conception? Because I think it would be very inconvenient for the baby to die due to miscarriage forcing the incarnate to start all over again. Imagine if Gabriel had a way of tracking Lilith each time she incarnated if it was at conception. 


Takako: What does convenience have to do with anything? Humans assume the darnedest things…Of course it begins at conception! If the Incarnated Supernal dies as a toddler, well, too bad! Better luck next time! Loser!


Suzie: Is it just me, or is Takako-san especially mean tonight?


Takato: Well then, Arisu, we leave her to you.


Arisu: WHY ME!?


Takato: Hey, you’re the girlfriend. To be able to accept your lover’s good points and bad points; that’s the staple of a good relationship. Right, Rika?


Rika: You faked your death.


Takato: Oh God…


Rika: You faked your death and went off to marry some American bimbo.


Alice: Oi.


Rika: Then you came back and rubbed your marriage to the aforementioned bimbo in my face for two years, and then you faked your death. AGAIN.


Takato: I did not plan for that to happen! And I really thought I was going to die the first time!


Terriermon: Someone has a lot of bottled up anger.


Rika: And then you came back for all of…what, ten minutes? But then you left! AGAIN!


Takato: Okay, I’ll give you that one.


Jeri: It’s been harsh for you, Rika…


Rika: I KNOW!


Takato: Alice, help me here.


Alice: Sorry, but I’m with Nonaka on this one. Except for the bimbo part; I’m kicking your ass for that, Nonaka.


Takato: Takako? My sweet, adorable imouto?


Takako: Onii-chan, you failed the moment you decided to give love lessons to SOPHIA, of all people.


Takato: Tch…I don’t get any love in this place…



5. Could Suzie defeat Rika in the trading card game?


Rika: *grins* Only one way to find out!


Suzie: BRING IT!


Takako: Oh, for onii-chan’s sake, act your age, you two.





6. How could 'Little' Taichi not be an Aeternal? He was born from Kari and TK who are both Archangels.


Everyone: ………


Takako: Well, that was stupid.


Arisu: Umm…Papa…


Takato: *pats Arisu’s head* It’s okay, it’s okay; you don’t have to answer questions founded on false statements.



7. In Book 0 Chapter 3 (I believe), 'Whose Fault Is It Anyway?' it was said that Tai reminded Takako of Takato. What did she mean (it was so hard to get complete answers from her. . .unless she felt like it)?


Takato: Yeah…Takako does that. So, Tai, should we explain The Valkyrie Principle now?


Taichi: Ehh…let’s save it for later. Makes things more interesting.


Takato: Fair enough.


Takako: I wonder why he gave it that name. ‘The Valkyrie Principle’ makes little sense to me.


Takato: I guess we’ll never know.


Takako: *raises eyebrow* I thought you were omniscient.


Takato: Wha-? You kidding? What could have possibly made you think that?


Rika: *from a distance* Ha! Your ass is mine!


Suzie: Damn it!


Takato: …Well, I guess that answers that question.


Rika: Takato! Get over here! My ego is not yet sated!


Takato: Oh dear.


Terriermon: We get to watch Adam Kadmon get his ass kicked? Sweet!


Takato: I’ll destroy you.