Issue 07

The book in her hands was “Mind Time: The Temporal Factor in Consciousness” by Libet (2004, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. All rights reserved). After marking her current page and gently placing it down on her desk, the attractive woman with a sisterly aura turns to a nonexistent camera.


“Hello there, I am Matsuki Ruki. You may also know me as Shekinah. As per Takato’s request, I will take care of a few of your questions today. Lilith is working at GCIM for a change and Takato has taken Arisu with him.


It’s a date. Rika may want to call it a father hanging out with his daughter, but I’ll still call it a date. So will Takako. Besides, it’s not like Takato is really…oh well.


Very well then, let’s take care of this quickly.”



We now know what Moloch and Metatron think of their subordinates. But what do their subordinates think of them?


Ruki: “The general opinion in the Eternal Static Realm of Paradise is that Metatron is a just, stern and fair ruler, if a bit obnoxious. Then again, you can’t really blame him. It must be hard not to have a high respect for yourself when you are the ruler of Paradise. In all honesty, unlike his twin, Metatron is not a humble Archangel. He IS the Ruler of Heaven, and he makes sure everybody is aware of that, constantly. Some might say he likes to micromanage a little too much, but the stable workings of Heaven do demand considerable attention and effort. It’s not an easy job being Metatron, so we can’t really hate him for wanting some proper recognition. Besides, it’s not like he’s a self-centered bastard like Moloch. He is stern because he wants everybody in Heaven to do their best and to do the best for the sake of the Realm we live in. He is stern, but he cares. He wouldn’t be so admired by many if he weren’t such.


As for Moloch, well, maybe Takako could give you a better answer. From what I’ve heard, Moloch is a tyrant. Then again, tyranny in a realm as chaotic as Inferno is rather pointless. He rules because he is the strongest. The others obey because they are weaker. If Moloch wasn’t around it would make no difference: someone else would be the strongest. Calling Moloch the ruler of Inferno is an overstatement. Moloch (and by extension Satan) is simply the one demon who can get the others to do what he wants.”



What does Shekinah think of her Sisters?


Ruki: “Lilith is a self-centered, perverted, egoistic bitch who thinks she can do whatever she wants. She’s just like Moloch in that regard. The difference is that, unlike Moloch, Lilith can actually do whatever the hell she wants. She’s fucking Lilith. It’s really good we have Adam to rein her in.


Still, about Lilith; I would not go so far as to say I love her the way I love Adam or Sophia, but I can call her my friend. A strange, very annoying friend, but a friend nonetheless. Because I have seen her love. Her love is immense and wonderful. When she’s happy, her radiance fills Creation with warmth and wonder. She has dwelled in Hell for a long time. She’s even one of the so-called Archdemons, but at heart she’s Lilith, Aspect of God and Adam’s First Wife. Everyone calls her ‘Empress of Darkness’ and stuff like that, but I know better. Her light has not dimmed in the slightest. That kind of strength is something I can respect and admire.


Sophia is cuteness given form. You simply cannot not like her, it’s almost unfair. In these Lower Realms, nobody would call a child ‘beautiful’. Children are cute, sweet, adorable, nice or lovely. Sophia is the Eternal Child Maiden. Yet, she is beautiful beyond words. And her beauty is that of a woman…as she would say: ‘a woman’s beauty shines the brightest when she is in love’.


Sophia is the one whose beauty matches Lilith’s. Just like it’s fundamentally impossible not to feel lust towards Lilith –even I am guilty of this, I admit. Like I said, it’s just irresistible–, it’s also fundamentally impossible not to love Sophia. She is loveliness, tenderness and love incarnate, after all. She exists to be loved and, in return, she showers everything in Creation with her love. Of course, her love for all things is clouded by her immense love for Adam, the one who gave her meaning.


So I can say I love Sophia. She’s a wonderful existence who deserves to be loved. And she admires me for some reason, which makes me feel a bit self-conscious all the time.


Even Adam cannot resist the impossible allure of those two. Even his greatest plan, his greatest success and his greatest sacrifice…he did it for the sake of those two, didn’t he?


Oh, but I have my own charm, you know? There’s a reason I stand by their side as one of the three. Mine is the kind of love that doesn’t need Lilith’s shamelessness or Sophia’s openness. We don’t need words or overt actions to know each other’s feelings. Do you constantly declare your love to your precious people?


My love is in my eyes, my body language, my smiles and my everyday actions. It’s in my respect, my admiration and my willingness to correct him when I believe he’s in the wrong. If those two will walk alongside him the whole time, then I will be the one who holds him back before he takes a step too far.


Not preventing the Original Holy War and the Original Sin before they happened will always be stains in my consciousness.”



What does she think of her Brothers?


Ruki: “Well, I spoke a bit about Metatron just before, but I guess I can expand on that a little.


We’re triplets, born at the exact same time, but Metatron is somehow recognized as the ‘big brother’. He’s a stern big brother, who cares about our well-being a lot. Even as the Ruler of Heaven, he can find time to meet me and converse for a while. While he does not doubt I am happy being Adam’s second wife, he still tries to make sure I am comfortable and satisfied. We also discuss Heavenly matters very often, as the creators of HEMINA_URDR and HEMINA_GRAL. Sophia also joins those discussions most of the time.


He is a person I admire, because he’s tireless. The manager of all Heavenly affairs cannot appear tired and stressed in front of his underlings, after all.


Sandalphon is a delightful little brother. He’s kind, very, very kind. He is also very humble. That is obviously why he gladly assumed the position of ‘the lowest’. He has no interest in public admiration and recognition; he just wants to do the things only he can do. He’s also very busy all the time, so we do not meet as often as we would want to.


He is a person I admire, because he can smile no matter the circumstances. Because, even if he is the weakest amongst us, he is in many ways also the strongest.”





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