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The cheap alternative to Incarnation.


Projection is a means for Supernals to exert direct influence on the Lower Realms when Incarnation is not a possibility or simply not necessary. It is basically a possession: the Supernal completely assumes control of the target for a very short period of time, never longer than 24 hours. This strongly contrasts with Incarnation, in which human and Supernal co-inhabit the same body and their identities amalgamate into one. The advantage of Projection is that the Supernal can choose the target, unlike in Incarnation. The disadvantage, of course, is that Projection is awfully short-lasting.


The possessed human is unconscious during the Projection, and when the Projection is over, regains consciousness with no memory of what happened. For this reason, Projection is very rarely allowed by the Thread of Destiny.


The most famous instance of Projection in history is definitely Metatron’s descent to enact punishment upon Eve after the Original Sin.



Instances of Projection in the GOSPEL Storyline


  • Adam Projected himself into the original Takato (Asmodeus) to help him escape the burning Secret Garden in Silent Sorrow, Chapter 16.
  • A unique custom-made Projection Sequence allowed Athena Partenos to communicate with Suzie Wong through a vision. Athena actually Projected into Suzie herself, taking control of the girl’s subconscious so that she could communicate directly to her conscience.
  • Sophia Projected herself into the orphan girl, Chie, to initialize the Protocols of the Last Holy War. 
  • Micael Projected herself into the Russian tourist, Natalia Andropova, to visit Akihabara with Takato. 
  • Sophia Projected herself into Hatsumura Satsuki to converse with Takato after The Day of Rebellion. 

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