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Chapter Listing

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GOSPEL was not written linearly. Fragments of as far as the last book linger in my folders, as well as dozens and dozens of related files. Since I'm presenting all my GOSPEL material in this wiki, I might as well show you how GOSPEL was expected to look like in the end. Of course this list is far from definite. The number of chapter would probably grow as I wrote and single chapters turned out too long so they would have to be split. I do that often. True Stories was a monster, a hydra, really. You'll see what I mean very soon.




Book Zero: “Introduction to GOSPEL”


Chapter One: I Just Hope You Don’t Fall in Love with Me!

Chapter Two: I Belong to You

Chapter Three: Whose Fault is it, Anyway?

Chapter Four: It’s Like Heaven and Hell

Chapter Five: Nice to Meet You, I Guess

Chapter Six: Technically Speaking, I Do Not Have a Heart

Chapter Seven: Alice



Book One: “Trials of Worthiness”



Chapter One: Honeymoon

Chapter Two: Always Work Before Pleasure

Chapter Three: The Farther From You, the Better

Chapter Four: Nothing and No One Shall Stand In My Way

Chapter Five: There Are Not Enough of You to Satiate My Fury

Chapter Six: Jörmungandr Wars, Part One – Cute is Not the Word I’d Use Right Now

Chapter Seven: Jörmungandr Wars, Part Two – Embracing the Digital Hazard

Chapter Eight: Jörmungandr Wars, Part Three – The Final Trial

Chapter Nine: Jörmungandr Wars, Part Four – Worthy

Chapter Ten: In the Light of the Hope in Our Hearts






Book Two: “The Ruby Ring”


Prologue: Fateful Encounter

Chapter One: Forty Days After – This Must Be Happiness

Chapter Two: Little Sister’s Challenge – Secrets of Life, Power & Destiny

Chapter Three: Convergence – Shall the Banners Be Raised, and the Powers Clash and Reshape Creation

Chapter Four: First Skirmish – We Are Invincible

Chapter Five: Little Sister’s Surprise – I Do It Because I Love You

Chapter Six: The First Battle of Tokyo, Part One – Only One Will Step Out

Chapter Seven: The First Battle of Tokyo, Part Two – Shall Those Who Dared Face Us Receive Our Ambrosial Ecstasy

Chapter Eight: Sephiroth – There is No Turning Back Now






Book Three: “Digimon Battle Arena”


Prologue: Artificial Goddess

Chapter One: Tamer versus Tamer – Finally, an Excuse to Beat the Crap Out Of You All

Chapter Two: Tamers of the World – Ich spreche nicht Baka

Chapter Three: Digimon Battle Arena, Day One – I’m Terribly Sorry, But The Loli Freaks Me Out

Chapter Four: Digimon Battle Arena, Day Two, Part One – How Does It Feel, To Stare Hopelessness in the Face?

Chapter Five: Digimon Battle Arena, Day Two, Part Two – I Love It When He Looks Down on Others

Chapter Six: Digimon Battle Arena, Day Three, Part One – Not Even the Power of Kings Will Stop Me

Chapter Seven: Digimon Battle Arena, Day Three, Part Two – We Are Living Gods

Chapter Eight: Digimon Battle Arena, Day Three, Part Three – Well I Say Shinobu’s Cuter

Outside the Arena 1

Chapter Nine: Best Sixteen, First Battle – Your Life is in Your Own Hands, Sandalphon

Chapter Ten: Best Sixteen, Second Battle – I Thought Gogglehead Was Chaos, Wasn’t He?

Chapter Eleven: Best Sixteen, Third Battle – Let’s Give Them a Show for the Ages

Chapter Twelve: Best Sixteen, Fourth Battle – In the End, I Was Fated to Wield This Power After All

Outside the Arena 2

Chapter Thirteen: Best Sixteen, Fifth Battle – In a Tournament Full of Supernals, That Was a Breath of Fresh Air

Chapter Fourteen: Best Sixteen, Sixth Battle – A Gentleman True and Through

Chapter Fifteen: Best Sixteen, Seventh Battle – Even Gods Fear Nonaka Rika

Chapter Sixteen: Best Sixteen, Eighth Battle – I Still Say Shinobu’s Cuter

Outside the Arena 3

Chapter Seventeen: Best Eight, First Battle – You Will Make a Wonderful Wife Someday

Chapter Eighteen: Best Eight, Second Battle – How is that for Ungratefulness?

Chapter Nineteen: Best Eight, Third Battle – He is a Digimon Tamer

Chapter Twenty: Best Eight, Fourth Battle – No Doubt about It: Shinobu’s the Cutest

Outside the Arena 4

Chapter Twenty-one: Semifinals, First Battle – What the Hell Did You Feed Her, Takako?

Chapter Twenty-two: Semifinals, Second Battle – There’s No Problem in This World Which Cannot Be Solved with Enough Fire

Outside the Arena 5

Chapter Twenty-two: The Day of Wraiths, Part One – Geburah

Chapter Twenty-three: The Day of Wraiths, Part Two – Matsuki Takato

Chapter Twenty-four: Archangels Assembled – She is My Wife






Book Four: “Four Tales from Four Evangelists”


Prologue: Moloch


Part One – The Gospel of Alice McCoy


Chapter One: The Day of Purging – Is This the Nightmare You Are Supposed to Fight?

Chapter Two: Mourning and Hope – Even If You Were the Antichrist Himself, I Would Believe You

Chapter Three: Morrigan, Bodhbh & Nemhain – This Is Truly the Power of God

Chapter Four: False Trumpets – May God Protect Us All

Chapter Five: The Day of Epidemic – If I Am to Die Today, Let Me Do So by Your Side

Chapter Six: Wormwood – You Can’t Save Them All, Love

Chapter Seven: World in Ruins 1 – Even if the Entire World Falls Apart, I Will Be Here


Interlude: Script of the Apocalypse


Part Two – The Gospel of Suzie Wong


Chapter One: Poseideon – History is written by the Victors

Chapter Two: Gamelion – Why Should I Even Bother Saving You?

Chapter Three: Anthesterion – Now I Think I Know How It Feels to Be You, Taka-chan

Chapter Four: Elaphebolion – The Things I Have to Do to Earn Some Respect around Here

Chapter Five: Mounichion – Why Is It That Every Time We Travel Together We End Up Protecting a Little Girl?

Chapter Six: Thargelion – If This Is What They Have Become, I Will Not Hold Back

Chapter Seven: Skirophorion – How Many More Little Girls before You Are Happy, Huh?

Chapter Eight: Hekatombaion – You Are Not Even Worthy of Kissing the Soles of his Shoes

Chapter Nine: Metageitnion – Then I Will Put out the Sun Itself

Chapter Ten: Boedromion – I Refuse to Be Defeated by Some Cocky Daddy’s Little Girl

Chapter Eleven: Pyanepsion – I’ll Let My Blade Speak for Me

Chapter Twelve: Maimakterion – I Will Shatter Olympus Itself If I Have To


Interlude: The Fate of a Pantheon


Part Three – The Gospel of Izumi Koushiro


Chapter One: Alphamon – Anyone Can Call Himself a God, With Enough Power

Chapter Two: Digital Hazard – I Am Not a Religious Man, But I Would Suggest Waiting and Praying

Chapter Three: X – He Is the Answer to All the Questions I Had as a Child

Chapter Four: Vessel of God – I Believe I Understand Why We Became Friends in the First Place

Chapter Five: Axis of Balance – Calling Yourself ‘God’ Does Not Make You So

Chapter Six: Huanglongmon’s Folly – He Was Truly Blind until the Very End

Chapter Seven: Prodigious – Someone Has to Stay Behind


Interlude: Chioth ha Qadesh


Part Four – The Gospel of Lucifer Diabolos 


Chapter One: The Day of Locusts – The Entire World Will Be Consumed by Pain

Chapter Two: Swarm of Nightmare, Part One – What is the Meaning of Victory?

Chapter Three: Swarm of Nightmare, Part Two – You Can’t Save Them All, Takato (Again)

Chapter Four: Swarm of Nightmare, Part Three – Victory is Meaningless like This

Chapter Five: The Day of Splendor – Even if He Has To Do It Alone, It’s Not a Problem

Chapter Six: The Day of Damnation – The Doom of Humanity is Humanity Itself

Chapter Seven: Wingless Archangels – What Are the Things You Want to Protect?

Chapter Eight: Merodach – What Kind of Archangel Are You, To Unleash Such a Thing Upon This World?

Chapter Nine: World in Ruins 2 – Because You Are You, I’ll Follow You to Hell Itself 







Book Five: “The Last Holy War”



Prologue: Two Armies


Chapter One: Eternal Child Maiden – Ley emotion kyrie bhea, uta wira_gral ensisteria marte;

Chapter Two: The Day of Rebellion – Everything I Do, I Do for Them

Chapter Three: Takato & Sophia – An Oath from Husband to Wife

Chapter Four: The Battle of Solaris – This Is Who I Truly Am

Chapter Five: Daughter of Chaos – Do You Hate Me Now, Onii-chan?

Chapter Six: Little Sister’s Compensation – Nothing in this Universe Can Stop Me Now

Battle’s Respite 1

Chapter Seven: The Battle of As’Quiloth, Part One – The Worst Possible Battlefield

Chapter Eight: The Battle of As’Quiloth, Part Two – Chimera Rider Revolution

Battle’s Respite 2

Chapter Nine: The Battle of Dome City, Part One – If We Fall, We Fall Fighting Together

Chapter Ten: The Battle of Dome City, Part Two – I Just Wanted to Be a Hero for a Change

Battle’s Respite 3

Chapter Eleven: The Battle of Necropolis, Part One – Battlefield of Nightmares

Chapter Twelve: The Battle of Necropolis, Part Two – Suzie Wong Steps Forward

Battle’s Respite 4

Chapter Thirteen: The Battle of Chromeheart, Part One – Diabolic Siege Weaponry

Chapter Fourteen: The Battle of Chromeheart, Part Two – Let Us Fight Our Respective Battles

Chapter Fifteen: The Battle of Chromeheart, Part Three – My Feelings Are This Flame

Battle’s Respite 5

Chapter Sixteen: The Battle of Empyrea, Part One – The Realm of Dragons Shall Never Fall

Chapter Seventeen: The Battle of Empyrea, Part Two – Shinobu and Moloch

Chapter Eighteen: The Battle of Empyrea, Part Three – I Came Back Just For You and Because Of You

Battle’s Respite 6

Chapter Nineteen: The Battle of Mare Aeterna, Part One – The Target is Moloch

Chapter Twenty: The Battle of Mare Aeterna, Part Two – Nobody Said Crossing the Ocean Would Be Easy

Chapter Twenty-one: The Battle of White Coast – Welcome to the Realm of Darkness

Battle’s Respite 7

Chapter Twenty-two: Into the Mouth of Oblivion – We Stand Together, Whether You Like It or Not

Chapter Twenty-three: The Battle of Ragnarok, Part One – Digimon for Digimon, Gods for Gods

Chapter Twenty-four: The Battle of Ragnarok, Part Two – The Dreams We Strive For

Chapter Twenty-five: The Battle of Ragnarok, Part Three – Complete Mutual Annihilation

Chapter Twenty-six: Last Respite – I Am Here

Chapter Twenty-seven: Armageddon, Part One – Shall the Horns of Heaven’s Glory Resound through the Entire Universe

Chapter Twenty-eight: Armageddon, Part Two – What a General Expects from His Soldiers

Chapter Twenty-nine: Armageddon, Part Three – The Day All Rivalries Come to an End

Chapter Thirty: Armageddon, Part Four – Even if It Means the End of Me, Heaven Will Not Fall Today

Chapter Thirty-one: Armageddon, Part Five – Even If the Entirety of Creation Falls Apart, My Feelings…

Chapter Thirty-two: Night of Love & Loss – Everything Will Be Alright

Chapter Thirty-three: The Day of the Beast, Part One – This War Ends Today

Chapter Thirty-four: The Day of the Beast, Part Two – I Am Moloch, Corrupter of Worlds

Chapter Thirty-five: Aftermath – Nonaka Arisu






Book Six: “Revelation”


Prologue: The World, and Alice, after the War

Chapter One: War Trumpets, Once Again – Tabernacle of Broken Worlds

Chapter Two: Endless Lament, Part One – We Both Knew You Would Die By My Hand One Day, Sandalphon

Chapter Three: Endless Lament, Part Two – Is This Really What You Were Aiming For All This Time, Takako?

Chapter Four: Infinite Pain & Crystalline Despair, Part One – Welcome to an Agony That Will Only End with Your Death

Chapter Five: Infinite Pain & Crystalline Despair, Part Two – Then a Miracle I Will Create

Chapter Six: Orgiastic Fortunes, Legions Damned & Blazing Ecstasy, Part One – It’s a Mother’s Role to Put Wayward Children in their Place

Chapter Seven: Orgiastic Fortunes, Legions Damned & Blazing Ecstasy, Part Two – There Can Only Be One Astaroth

Chapter Eight: Orgiastic Fortunes, Legions Damned & Blazing Ecstasy, Part Three – You Can’t Possibly Give Me the Happiness I Wish For

Chapter Nine: Inevitable Tragedy, Perverse Comedies & Unforgiving Paradoxes, Part One – Please Spare Me the Troubles and Die Quickly

Chapter Ten: Inevitable Tragedy, Perverse Comedies & Unforgiving Paradoxes, Part Two – A Battle Where All Tactics are Rendered Useless

Chapter Eleven: Inevitable Tragedy, Perverse Comedies & Unforgiving Paradoxes, Part Three – And That’s How You Use the Agenda of Beauty

Chapter Twelve: Inevitable Tragedy, Perverse Comedies & Unforgiving Paradoxes, Part Four – Harmonics of the Heart

Chapter Thirteen: The Chapel of Consummation – Allow Me to Show You Why I Am the Ruler of Hell

Chapter Fourteen: Revelation – This is the Road You’ve Chosen to Take

Chapter Fifteen: The God of This World – It Is Thus As It Was Written






Book Seven: “Promise of the Setting Sun”


Prologue: Broken Wonderland

Chapter One: Father of Demons – Twice Betrayed

Chapter Two: Kotoko’s Quest, Part One – City of Strategy

Chapter Three: Kotoko’s Quest, Part Two – Blindfolded Caïssa

Chapter Four: Kotoko’s Quest, Part Three – Checkmate

Chapter Five: Lillia’s Quest, Part One – Paradise Lost

Chapter Six: Lillia’s Quest, Part Two – Sweet Aroma of Rebellion

Chapter Seven: Lillia’s Quest, Part Three – Lotus of Loneliness

Chapter Eight: Arisu’s Quest, Part One – A Girl in Shades of Gray

Chapter Nine: Arisu’s Quest, Part Two – Prisoners of a Sorrowful Past

Chapter Ten: Arisu’s Quest, Part Three – The Owner of the Two’s Hearts

Chapter Eleven: Arisu’s Quest, Part Four – Atonement

Chapter Twelve: Web of Uncertainty – Encroaching Darkness

Chapter Thirteen: Heavenly City – The Gray Girl’s Destiny

Chapter Fourteen: Encounter at Heaven’s Gate – The Queen of My Heart

Chapter Fifteen: Confessions under the Night Sky – That Person in my Mind

Chapter Sixteen: The Battle of Fairbreeze Port, Part One – Two against Twelve Thousand

Chapter Seventeen: The Battle of Fairbreeze Port, Part Two – Arisu’s Hell

Chapter Eighteen: The Battle of Fairbreeze Port, Part Three – That Important and Precious Person

Chapter Nineteen: Taichi & Shinobu – Resolution (Sacrifice), Determination (Agony), Conclusion (Power)

Chapter Twenty: The Three’s Battle – The Impassable Wall

Chapter Twenty-one: Kotoko’s Reality – Maiden of Tragedy, Maiden of Fate, Maiden of Creation

Chapter Twenty-two: Lillia’s Reality – Maiden of Loss, Maiden of Prophecy, Maiden of Inevitability

Chapter Twenty-three: Lilith, Empress of Darkness – The Hopelessness of Reality

Chapter Twenty-four: Arisu’s Reality – Maiden of Suffering, Maiden of Love, Eternal Child Maiden

Chapter Twenty-five: Lilith versus Sophia, Part One – Ultimate Spear versus Ultimate Shield

Chapter Twenty-six: Lilith versus Sophia, Part Two – SKATA.LILITH_EDENIA vs. SKATA.SOPHIA_WIRA

Chapter Twenty-seven: Lilith versus Lilith, Part One – LILITH.SOPHAR vs. LILITH.CADIA

Chapter Twenty-eight: Lilith versus Lilith, Part Two – LILITH.TAKAKO

Chapter Twenty-nine: A Supernal Love Story – ADAM_ADHVARA_WIRA_ALDIZ

Chapter Thirty: The Most Satisfying Conclusion – COSMO_INFERIA

Epilogue: The Beginning of Eternity – EL





GOSPEL: True Stories


This is the list of the written as well as the planned installments of True Stories, until the day the GOSPEL Project was dropped. This list grew way faster than I could write the individual stories, and is probably one of the reasons I ended up quitting on the whole project.


“Of Suzie’s Love & Future”

“Of Takako’s Knowledge & Reality”

“Of Arisu’s Research Concerning DC”

“Of the Case of Hatsumura Satsuki”

“Of Takako’s Final Damnation”

“Of Arisu’s Unusual School Trip”

“Of a Very Jolly Loli Christmas”

“Of Takato’s New Year Trouble”

“Of Takako’s Disciple, Minami Kotoko”

“Of a Bittersweet Valentine”

“Of How Suzie Became a Goddess”

“Of Lilith & Sophia, Chapter One”

“Of Sophia, Lilith, Shekinah, & a Seal, Part One”

“Of Sophia, Lilith, Shekinah, & a Seal, Part Two”

“Of Project GOSPEL”

“Of Takako & a Hot Springs Murder Case”

“Of Kitagawa Kenta & Misaki”

“Of the Case of Natalia Andropova”

“Of Takako & the Sariel Case, Part One”

“Of Lilith & Sophia, Chapter Two”

“Of Takako & the Sariel Case, Part Two”

“Of the Case of Inagami Tsuyuri”

“Of Nonaka Arisu & Yumemiya Lillia”

“Of a Day in the Life of Shinobu”

“Of a Day in the Life of Everyone but Shinobu”

“Of the Other Case of Natalia Andropova”

“Of Sally Reaney & the Spear of Destiny, Part One”

“Of Helen & Cassandra of Troy”

“Of Takato’s & Suzie’s First & Only Date”

“Of Sally Reaney & the Spear of Destiny, Part Two”

“Of the Case of His Holiness, Pope Paul VII”

“Of Nonaka Arisu & Dariya Mihailova”

“Of the Case of Miyazaki Ami”

“Of Lilith & Micael, Part One”

“Of Yet Another Case of Natalia Andropova”

"Of Lilith & Micael, Part Two"

"Of Nonaka Arisu & the Digital Overgod"



GOSPEL: Gathering of the Exalted


Six stories starring Matsuki Takato as he traveled the world gathering allies for the Holy War. These stories were meant to show more about the interactions between the Lower and Supernal Realms, the world of Supernals outside of the Ten Archangels, Takato’s enlightened mentality and philosophy, and consequences of the events of GOSPEL outside Tokyo.


The last chapter is complemented by the last chapter of “Pandemonium Puppet Show”, and together they make a complete short tale starring the twins working together.


Chapter One: Ten Heavily Stems & Twelve Earthly Branches – Mother of Dragons

Chapter Two: Offerings of Blood for the Restoration of Divinity – Mistress of Spiders

Chapter Three: Fatuous Dreams of Child-like Happiness – Scarred Queen

Chapter Four: Of the Price of Knowledge & Power – Avatara of the Axe

Chapter Five: To Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves – Cursed Nymph

Chapter Six: An Icelandic Love Story, Takato Side – Unstoppable Warrior



GOSPEL: Pandemonium Puppet Show



Six stories starring Matsuki Takako as she gathers minions—that is, “allies”, for the Holy War. It showed the stark contrast between the siblings’ methods: Takako’s bluntness and imposing attitude makes for an interesting contrast with Takato’s almost-annoying capacity to do no wrong. While the boy inflamed the spirits of those he met with heartfelt words and sublime kindness, Takako forcefully shoved the darkness of this world down their throats.


The last chapter is complemented by the last chapter of “Gathering of the Exalted”, and together they make a complete short tale starring the twins working together.


Chapter One: The Ravenous Hunger for Power – Master of the Forge

Chapter Two: The Indescribable Horrors of Supernal Blood – Queen of All Monsters

Chapter Three: Crystalline Delusions of Might – Father of Ireland

Chapter Four: Love & Despair amidst the Unforgiving Sand – Sisters of Death & Rebirth

Chapter Five: The Significance of Virtue in a World of Darkness – Warrior of Misfortune

Chapter Six: An Icelandic Love Story, Takako Side – Shepherd of Heroes



True Stories EXTRA


Random stuff I write because why the hell not.


EXTRA 01: Orgy of Swords (Incomplete)



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