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Digivices (short for ‘Digital Devices’) are the means in which a human may interface with his (or her) Digimon partner. This is a Digivice’s primary function, but individual Digivice models possessed additional features mostly related to interfacing with the Digital World and at a more base level with digital data in general.


We shall now describe the Digivice models introduced in GOSPEL. The other, earlier Digivice models (Basic, D-3, D-Arc) are already well described elsewhere.




Alpha D-Arc 

As the name clearly indicates, this is a Digivice created with the Digital Hazard – Alpha. Also called “Ultimate D-Arc”. All Digimon Tamers who received their Digivice after Takato received the Ruby Omnivice got Alpha D-Arcs which Takato unknowingly created for them. The only Alpha D-Arc Takato consciously and willingly created belongs to Suzie Wong. However, the very first Alpha D-Arc created was Takato’s second Digivice.


The Alpha D-Arc mostly improves on the capabilities of the original D-Arc: faster data exchange between Digivice and Digimon and improved radar scanning area. In addition, the Alpha D-Arc includes the capacity for wireless communication with other Alpha D-Arcs, Omega D-Arcs, as well as with Omnivices.


The main feature of the Alpha D-Arcs is the ring surrounding the small screen, which has DigiCode words engraved on its surface. The words are different for each individual D-Arc.


The following is the list of all Alpha D-Arcs which appeared during the GOSPEL storyline.




Colors (ring & body)


Gold Alpha D-Arc

Matsuki Takato

Gold & white (red strap)

“Digimon Tamers”

Electrum Alpha D-Arc

Suzie Wong

Gold & pink

“Precious Princess”

Platinum Alpha D-Arc

Yu Haoying

Platinum & white

“Harmonious Soul”

Rhodium Alpha D-Arc

Catharina Raterink

Black & silvery white

“Spirit of Royalty”

Rhenium Alpha D-Arc

Hyou Shou Kim

Greyish white & white

“Guardian of Treasures”

Osmium Alpha D-Arc

Roland Skies

Blue & yellow

“Free Spirit”

Palladium Alpha D-Arc

Matthew Alexander

Silvery white & black

“Always Forward”



Omega D-Arc 

The Omega D-Arcs are Alpha D-Arcs which have been modified by Takako’s Hazard. As such, they have been tweaked in unique and admittedly troublesome ways.


In addition to the normal features of the Alpha D-Arcs, the Omega D-Arks possess the following features:


  • Allow the owner to use the Hazard Cards, unknowingly created by Code Name ‘Asmodeus’ on the nights in which Chaos challenged him for control of the body.
  • The radar function automatically detects bearers of the Hazard within range.
  • Any digitalized entity other than Takato, Takako, the D-Arc’s owner and his Digimon partner that touches the device is wracked by horrible pain, not unlike Takako’s Corruption Lightning.
  • Just like DC’s Omnivice, Takako can seize control of the Omega D-Arcs at will.






Obsidian Omega D-Arc

Shiota Hirokazu

Silver & black

“The Empress’ Thrall”

Bloodstone Omega D-Arc


Black & carnelian

“The Empress’ Jester”



First Generation Omnivice 

The original Omnivice, designed by Takaichi Takeru and crafted by Goddramon, as per the original concept devised by Takeru and Izumi Koushiro. To allow for its higher specs compared to the original Digivices, the Omnivice was modified from a portable device to a fixed bracer with larger area and volume for its internal femto-electronics. The optimized LED display takes about half of the Omnivice’s surface, with the remaining space taken by a line of five buttons with high pressure sensitivity. The device, however, can distinguish between accidental brushings of the buttons against other surfaces and the owner’s fingers actually reaching for the buttons.


The card reader is located on the outer edge of the device, while the inner edge’s only feature is a universal port to connect the Omnivice with computers and other viable electronics. The port is located near the wrist.


The main feature of the Omnivice, of course, is its AI. The ‘Personality Algorithm’ designed by Takeru relies upon the foundation of actual genetic information. The DNA input acts as ‘metaphysical’ frame, upon which a ‘personality’ was then added. For optimal compatibility between Omnivice and Tamer, the device was made with the ability to interface directly with the Tamer’s brain, creating an artificial ‘realm’ where direct; ‘face-to-face’ communication becomes possible. Takeru believed that, for the Tamer to fully accept the Omnivice as a partner, its personality trait could not be simply a disembodied voice.


Of course, he believed that, no matter how intelligent and human-like he made the personality algorithm, the result would be precisely that, an AI. Even he was surprised at just how well his first creation, Pauline, turned out.


The ‘souls’ of the Omnivice Traits come from the only place they could have come from.


Aside from the Traits, First Generation Omnivices possess the following features:


  •  Digimon Analyzer with holographic projection, as per standard Digivices.
  • Data exchange between Omnivices and Digimon allow the Tamer to see and hear what his Digimon sees and hears. This is a step above the standard D-Arc, which lack a speaker or the means to transmit audio input directly to the Tamer’s brain.
  • Compass/Radar function. Unlike Digivices, however, the scanning is not limited to a volume centered on the Omnivice. An Omnivice’s range is vastly superior to a standard Digivice’s. They can also scan distant areas, and even sections of the Digital World on the other side of a Light Pillar. They cannot scan through the barrier between quadrants or within the Apex, however.
  • 32 TB data storage capacity, of which 1.44 Terabytes were taken by the Omnivice’s operation data.
  • Wireless communication with other Omnivices, as well as the Alpha and Omega D-Arcs. However, a wired connection is necessary for the creation of ‘shared realms’ in which multiple Tamers and Traits can meet face-to-face.
  • An alternate, wristwatch-sized mode suitable for out-of-battle use. While the Omnivice Trait is still active, all other Omnivice functions are unusable.
  • Despite all Omnivices sharing this name, only Takato’s Ruby Omnivice has the ability to bind Takato to multiple Digimon partners. After all, this is Takato’s ability; Ruki only handles the data exchange and establishes the protocol for Tamer-Digimon communication.
  • All Omnivices possess an internal clock, of course. If they are to be worn on the wrist, they might as well act as wristwatches, too.






First Generation Emerald

Takaishi Takeru


Black with green edges and buttons

First Generation Ruby

Matsuki Takato


Black with red edges and buttons

First Generation Blackpearl

Kamiya Taichi


Black body and buttons, white edges


Detailed information on the Omnivice Traits will be presented in the Characters section.



Second Generation Omnivice


Starting from the Second Generation, the design and creation of Omnivices was taken solely by Goddramon, who no longer needed Takeru’s help to make the superior artifacts. In what could be called a bout of haughtiness, Goddramon decided to customize each Omnivice to what he believed would ensure the ideal compatibility between device and Tamer.


  •  Goddramon dispensed of the First Generation’s buttons, meaning that the Tamer could only communicate with the device through its AI.
  • The LED screen also disappeared for this very same reason. Holographic projection capabilities still remained for use with the radar system and the Digimon Analyzer. Basically, save for the card reader and the universal port, the Second Generation Omnivices looked like solid bracers.
  •  The owners of First Generation Omnivices could actually decide when to activate their Omnivice Trait for the first time. The traits for the Second and Third Generation Omnivices were premade by Goddramon and were activated the very moment their Tamers received the device.
  • The genetic base for all Second Generation Omnivices was Code Name ‘Asmodeus’.
  • Data storage capacity was increased to 128 TB. Operating system data increased to 2.12 TB.
  •  Not only were the Omnivice Traits customized beforehand. Each Second and Third Generation Omnivice was designed to excel at a specific task, decided by Goddramon for the Tamer’s convenience.






Special Feature

Second Generation Opal



Black with orange edges

Administrator rights over HAPHVYASHTHARVA

Second Generation Pearl

Kamiya Hikari


White with gold edges

Knowledge of military strategy & tactics

Second Generation Diamond

Ichijouji Ken


Translucent white with silver edges

Improved parallel processing for high-speed multi-tasking

Second Generation Jade



Green jade with silver edges

Compatibility with Digital Hazard - Omega



Third Generation Omnivice 

The only difference between the Second and Third Generation Omnivices is the source of their DNA foundation. All Third Generation devices received the genetic information of the second Matsuki Takato, Incarnation of Metatron, Adam Kadmon and the original and now ascended Matsuki Takato, Code Name ‘Asmodeus’.


Nowhere is this clearer than in the Amethyst Omnivice Trait, Maria, although Misaki and Astaroth also show some of Takato’s physical traits.






Special Feature

Third Generation Sapphire

Akiyama Ryo


Sapphire blue with black edges

Improved Gate System

Third Generation Topaz

Katou Jeri


Orange topaz with red edges

Improved Radar & Scanner

Third Generation Amethyst

Nonaka Rika


Amethyst purple

Overall improvement of all features



Fourth Generation Omnivice 

Created by Adonamon for Nonaka Arisu and her friends, the Fourth Generation Omnivices are notably inferior in specs compared to their earlier counterparts. They can easily be described as Alpha D-Arcs with the looks of an Omnivice. Or, more precisely, they are just like Takato’s Ruby Omnivice before Ruki came into existence.


Adonamon dispensed of the Omnivice Traits. The AI interface of the Fourth Generation Omnivices is extremely impersonal and straightforward, and leaves no doubt the Tamer is conversing with a machine. Then again, all older Omnivices have become like this now that their Traits have become fully-fledged human beings.


The only other feature of note in the Fourth Generation Omnivices is their radar, which matches the Amethyst Omnivice’s in range, tolerance and specificity.





Fourth Generation Orichalcum

Nonaka Arisu

Copper with gold edges

Fourth Generation Adamantine

Minami Kotoko

Opaque blue with opaque silver edges

Fourth Generation Alicorn

Yumemiya Lillia

White with gold edges



Royal D-Arc 

The Alpha D-Arcs created by Huanglongmon for the Royal Knights’ Tamers. Their only additional feature is the ability to detect bearers of the Hazard. In addition, they can detect when the Hazard is used by subjects other than the Digital World itself (keep into account that, for the longest time, the Hazard was believed to be an anomaly, instead of the very foundation of the Digital World).


The DigiCode inscription on all Royal D-Arcs is the same: “Royal Knights”, with the exception of Rei’s, which reads “The First Knight”.




Quicksilver Alpha D-Arc

Tanaka Rei

Corundum Royal D-Arc

Felic Hanlon

Rhodonite Royal D-Arc

Alberte Casal

Onyx Royal D-Arc

Zviadi Maisuradze

Carnelian Royal D-Arc

Cesan McGavin

Agate Royal D-Arc

Honnouji Hikaru

Cymophane Royal D-Arc

Beatrix Schulz

Sunstone Royal D-Arc

Federica Romano

Amber Royal D-Arc

Minami Shinji

Jasper Royal D-Arc

Halvard Wilhelmsen

Lapis Lazuli Royal D-Arc

Samuel Ndereba



Eternal D-Arc 

Tachikawa Takato’s D-Arc, created by the fake Gennai with Millenniumon’s power. It looks almost identical to Ryo’s D-Arc, with a silver ring instead of a white one. It has the exact same specs as the Alpha D-Arc.



Digivice LOGOS 

Isaac Tong’s Digivice, with the functions and specifications of a standard D-Arc, but a completely different design. The LOGOS looks like the combination of a D-Arc and a wristwatch. Mostly black colored with a ring of white around the central screen, the device’s five buttons (three on the left side and two on the right) are located adjacent to the screen instead of below. Instead of a strap, the LOGOS has a rigid black ring attached to its back, so the device looks more like a wrist cuff.


The Digivice LOGOS was created by Sophia, and is called such because the DigiCode engraved around the screen reads “LOGOS”.



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