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Adam Kadmon & the Agenda of Supremacy



Lilith was wrong.


Adam is, without the shadow of a doubt, the greatest and mightiest being in existence. It is his prerogative, his destiny, even, to be so. Even if he did not want to, he has no choice but to be greater than everything and everyone else.


This is because of the terrifying power of his Agenda of Supremacy. Supremacy is the key to the ultimate power, but also to the ultimate imprisonment.


Adam did not ask for the Agenda of Supremacy. Just like somebody had to be ‘the lowest in Heaven’, somebody has to be ‘the greatest in Reality’. Adam Kadmon exists solely for that purpose. By existing, he becomes the ideal everybody else should aspire to, yet never be able to reach. Just like humans need the concept of ‘God’ to describe an existence impossible for them to conceive, Supernals need Adam Kadmon. As disturbing as it might be, Supernals need the presence of something greater than themselves. Otherwise, their own powers would become stagnant, since they would be unable to understand that they can be so much more. Self-improvement, growth and evolution all become possible thanks to the existence of Adam Kadmon.


What is the scope of the Supremacy Agenda, then?


Supremacy is the power to never be outdone in any possible way.


This definition has to be taken as literally as it can be. The Agenda of Supremacy ensures that nobody in Reality can surpass Adam in any possible way. If Lilith declares that she possess the ultimate destructive power, Supremacy immediately raises Adam’s above hers. If Sophia states she can handle the highest data rate, Supremacy immediately allows Adam to handle even more. Whenever a Supernal comes up with an original, useful Program, Supremacy automatically develops an even better version for Adam to use.


When Sophia claimed the Agenda of Suffering to contain the entirety of Reality’s pain within herself, Supremacy ensured that Adam constantly experiences even more agony than his third wife.


To never be outdone, in any possible way. If he wished to, Adam could be wiser than Sophia, sterner than Shekinah, or an even greater tyrant than Moloch. He already has the capacity to be so.


It is a terrible power, which inevitably renders Adam a prisoner of his own invincible might. His existence prevents stagnation in Reality, but at the expense of Adam’s own growth. The Agenda of Supremacy sustains and permanently increases Adam’s power, and he has absolutely no control over it. He cannot learn anything on his own: if somebody knows something Adam does not, Supremacy immediately grants Adam that knowledge, plus some piece of knowledge that other being ignores. If the knowledge Adam seeks is unknown to everyone in Reality, then he remains ignorant and must find this knowledge by ordinary means (or as ordinarily as Adam can do things).


Adam Kadmon’s existence is unimaginably boring.



Matsuki Takato as Adam Kadmon


Takato knew he was Adam Kadmon the very moment he returned to the world of the living in the east coast of the United States. He had the awareness, but it took him a while to truly tap into the Existence of Adam within him. He achieved this half a year before his return to Japan, on the weekend following his marriage to Alice McCoy. Alice never knew what happened, she only remembers that Takato arrived home that evening panting and sweating heavily, his eyes injected with blood and reflecting a terror beyond imagining.


This image perfectly describes Takato’s feelings concerning Adam Kadmon: he is utterly terrified of Adam Kadmon’s power. His own power.


That day, when he tapped into Adam’s Agenda of Supremacy for the first time, the Agenda sang its joy and eagerly offered Takato the entirety of its immeasurable power. Supreme power, supreme potential, supreme skill, supreme emotion, supreme agony…all facets of Supremacy struck Takato at once, for an infinitesimal instant of all-encompassing torture.


It almost broke his mind.


As a consequence, Takato immediately sealed Adam’s power within him (after all, the moment Sophia revealed her Aspect Seal, Supremacy gave its Lord the means to seal the power of Aspects of God even more efficiently). For the hell of it, he also sealed Metatron’s and decided to rely solely on his Agenda of Boundaries.


It was this fear which stopped him from using Adam’s (and sometimes even Metatron’s) power when it would have been most helpful. While the Aspect Seal ensured he could not use Adam’s power during Holy War battles, the same restriction did not apply outside of combat situations. He unconsciously delayed his training to master Seder Hishtalshelus, and he resisted the temptation to use Supremacy to make things easier for him and his allies, earning Takako’s ire in the process. But there was no way Takako could understand.


This situation would last until The Day of Rebellion. When Sophia bared her misery to the world, Adam felt it most, for his misery was even greater. He was overcome by sadness, for his beloved wife was also immersed in sadness; he felt impotent, for he could do nothing to relieve her sadness; and he felt furious, for he was a slave of the power that could solve all their problems, if he could control it.


To that point, it was inappropriate to say Adam, Metatron and Takato were one in the same body. It was more proper to say that Adam encompassed Metatron and Takato within his immensity, and he then Incarnated within the artificial Takato body. On that day, Takato’s and Adam’s feelings truly resonated as one for the first time. On that day, Takato stopped thinking of Adam and referring to him in the third person. On that day, Adam Kadmon and Takato became one in thoughts, feelings and memories, and Takato learned (remembered) the answer Adam Kadmon had found.


On that day, Takato remembered he, Adam Kadmon, had a plan.


A plan to save his wives and bring them back to his side and a plan to save himself and show the Agenda of Supremacy who is boss. To become the true, undeniable, almighty Supreme Sovereign of everything that is, was, could be and will ever be.



Takato’s Words, Adam Kadmon’s Words


“You know nothing. You understand nothing! You fear, revere and dream of wielding my power, Moloch. I tell you now, take it! Take it and show me how long you can last before it destroys you!




I can do anything, anything I want, without even trying. The moment you become the best at something, I become better than you. The moment you come up with a new way to destroy, blast, maim, torture, crush, smash and rip anything, I come up with a better one! Even if I don’t fucking want to! I could go to Hell right now, and be a far better evil overlord than you! I could challenge all Supernals of Strength to arm-wrestling, right now, and beat! Them! All! Together! I can outsmart Tzaphkiel, I can out-strategize Kamael, I can out-run Haniel! God in Heaven, I can out-fuck Lilith, out-scold Shekinah and out-cute Sophia! Do you have the slightest idea how fucking disturbing that is!? How fucking annoying!? How fucking BORING!?


Why do you think I created the Absolute Treaty in the first place, huh!? Because I LOVE YOU, and I took PITY of you! You inane, insignificant…thiiings; I could erase you and your pitiful Horde, right now! I SHOULD FUCKING DO IT! I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO, MOTHERFUCKERS!




…but I love you, and I created the Absolute Treaty to give you maggots a chance. Be grateful for once and SHUT THE HELL UP WHILE I’M TALKING!




How could you know…how could you know how it feels to wield unlimited power? How could you know how it feels to watch my children, so proud of their achievements, and then fake my smile and pretend I have not already outdone them, without making the slightest effort? How could you possibly know how it feels to be showered by Sophia’s love, by her devotion, by her utmost eagerness to be of use to me, while knowing there is absolutely nothing she can do I cannot do even better and with less effort? How could you possibly know how it feels to smile and nod whenever Shekinah has the pretension to believe she knows better than I do?


How could you possibly know…how it felt…to go along with Lilith’s pointless need to prove herself the better of the two? To lie to her…to hold myself back to feed her insatiable ego, only to watch her turn her back to me because I refused to give away my pride for her sake?


How can you possibly understand…how it feels, to be so much greater than everything else…and then lose the one precious…the one precious, irreplaceable thing, which has been by your side since the very beginning of time? That one dearest…most treasured…most beautiful thing…just because I am so goddamn awesome?


Is that it? Is that the power you want, Moloch? I am terribly sorry, but you cannot have it. You see, I am capable of Supreme Cruelty, but I also possess Supreme Self-Control.


I would never wish this existence of mine upon anyone. Not even you, my child.”


- Matsuki Takato, “The Day of Rebellion – Everything I Do, I Do for Them”, GOSPEL, Book 5



Allegiance: Lilith, Shekinah and Sophia.

Motivation: To prove his supremacy over everything else in Reality, by his own means.

Alignment: True Neutral



Entity Type: Aeternal

Aeternal/Divinity Association: Aspects of God


Supernal Level: 99 

Aeternal/Divinity Status: Absolute


Agendas: Divinity, Matter, Probability, Souls, Supremacy





Offense: Indefinite

Agility: Indefinite

Dexterity: Indefinite

Stamina: Indefinite

Reality/Data Manipulation: Indefinite

Reality Reversal: Indefinite


Adam Kadmon has no definite parameters. Whenever numerical values would be relevant, he is governed by his Reality Protocol Fundamental Impossibility – Inconceivable Perfection of Adam Kadmon (RACHEL=SUPERBIA_HALO).



Technique Profile – Reality Script


Seder Hishtalshelus – The Order of Development

(Indefinite Power, Indefinite Range, Support-type)


The effect of the Agenda of Supremacy is fundamentally passive, through Adam Kadmon’s many Reality Protocols. Adam Kadmos possesses no Programs associated with the Agenda of Supremacy, for he needs none. Seder Hishtalshelus is the main (and the only) instrument with which Adam Kadmon can use the Agenda of Supremacy to perform Supernal feats.


This mightiest of Reality Scripts imposes a decree of absolute commandment upon the Supernal Structures. Whatever the instruction, if it is transmitted as part of Seder Hishtalshelus, it can be executed, even if SAMYA_JARA would otherwise reject it. The absolute commandment does not facilitate the execution of Reality Code in any way; it only ensures that an otherwise unacceptable instruction will be executed. Therefore, the more outrageous and unacceptable the command, the more energy it will demand from Adam.


While Takato insists on concealing the magnitude of his power, the truth is that there is no limit to what can be done with this Technique. Takato’s copies of Instrumental Weapons were weaker than the originals only because Takato wished them to be so (and earlier because he had not fully mastered the Script). It is not that Seder Hishtalshelus cannot create Merodach, Takato simply does not want to do such a thing, and Seder Hishtalshelus does not create something out of nothing. Takato’s Reality Script transmutes matter and condenses probability: creating Merodach with Seder Hishtalshelus would still require the Existence of a high-level Divinity as its main component. Whatever Adam wishes to create, he can make it with this Ultimate Technique, which encompasses all matter, all probability and all existence.


  • Atzmus Ohr Ein Sof Lifnei Hatzimtzum (The Essence of the Infinite Light Before the Contraction): in the first line of code in Seder Hishtalshelus, Adam Kadmon sends a simple identifier to SAMYA_JARA. By stating “I am Adam Kadmon”, he establishes himself as if he had declared “I am the one with infinite potential. I have no desires, but it is in my nature to desire and create things.” 
  • Tzimtzum (Contraction): Adam declares “I express and impose my sovereignty, not by the existence of my self, but by my actions and creations, separate from myself.” 
  • Reshimu (Impression): “The presence of my glory need not be seen within myself, for it is present within every single one of my actions and creations.” 
  • Kav (Measuring Line): “My actions and creations come from myself, not from anyone else. They come to be according to my will and my judgment. By my will, I define them. By their selves, they define me.” Ironically, despite being a prisoner of Supremacy, Adam must declare himself as possessing of free will to be able to execute Seder Hishtalshelus. The Kav Station marks the end of the “framework” of the Script, in which he basically declares to SAMYA_JARA that he can do anything, and the Thread of Destiny acknowledges his sovereignty. 
  • Ratzon Kadom (Original Desire): “I have a wish.” Adam declares he seeks satisfaction. He is lacking something. SAMYA_JARA, servant of the Supreme Lord, activates specific routines and readies itself to allocate resources; all for the sake of making her lord’s wish come true. 
  • Adam Kadmon (Original Man): SAMYA_JARA evaluates the latest stream of passive waves it received from Adam, to gain an ‘idea’ of his current situation and then infer what Adam could possibly need. This is an optimization stage that allows SAMYA_JARA to not allocate an excessive amount of resources into Seder Hishtalshelus at the expense of other Supernals’ instructions. 
  • Atziluth (World of Emanation): Adam creates the model of what he intends to make, as per ten substations: 
    • Kether: “I want (insert anything here)”. Adam imposes a concept, and SAMYA_JARA stops all Reality Warping subroutines unrelated to it. 
    • Chokhmah: Adam establishes an abstract picture of what he wants. If in Kether he said “I want a sword”, in Chokhmah he roughly describes what he would like his sword to do, from the obvious (“I want it to cut”, “I want it to stab”) to the outrageous (“I want it to disrupt the boundary that separates the self from Reality around it.”). 
    • Binah: Adam describes the physical (or metaphysical) composition of his creation. In our “sword” example, he must describe the blade and the hilt: how they look like, what they’re made of, etc. 
    • Chesed: Adam goes into details of what he wants his sword to have and do. A significant percentage of the Script’s code may be spent in this sub-stage. 
    • Geburah: Adam goes into details of what he does not want his creation to have. Maybe he does not want his sword to have a sharp blade, or maybe its “disruption of the boundary of self” attack should not be lethal or limited to the point of contact. 
    • Tipheret: Combining the conclusions from Chesed and Geburah, Adam presents a complete sketch of his creation for SAMYA_JARA to evaluate. The Thread of Destiny is obedient, but it is also devoted to its mission of stability. If the proposed creation is too outrageous, it will try to negotiate. 
    • Netzach: having received SAMYA_JARA’s counter-proposal, Adam declares the elements he really wants in his creation, giving them a higher weight during further evaluation stages. 
    • Hod: on the other side of the spectrum, Adam declares the absolute minimum requirements he demands for his creation. These are the things the creation must have, whether the Thread likes them or not. If Adam wants to be really mean and pushy, he can just copy-paste the content of Netzach into Hod and give SAMYA_JARA no room to work with. 
    • Yesod: SAMYA_JARA studies the input from Netzach and Hod and elaborates a second proposal, adding to this one an ‘Existential Budget’ that gives Adam an idea of how much energy it will take for his creation to be made. 
    • Malkuth: Adam finalizes the ‘plan’ for his creation, as proposed by SAMYA_JARA, adding corrections and suggestions if necessary. This may lead to a succession of loops between Yesod and Malkuth until the plan is truly finalized. 
  • Beriah (World of Creation): SAMYA_JARA translates the plan into an actual algorithm that will create the subject of the plan. 
  • Yetzirah (World of Formation): SAMYA_JARA activates subroutines and works in tandem with the other Supernal Structures as necessary to execute the code elaborated in Beriah. 
  • Asiyah (World of Action): the intended creation comes into being according to the specifications agreed upon. 


While the stages listed above make Seder Hishtalshelus look like a negotiation between Adam and the Thread of Destiny, which would go against the idea of Adam imposing his will upon Reality, in reality the Thread is willing to do whatever Adam commands her to as long as he can provide the necessary energy for the act of creation.


The description presented above subverts and replaces the description presented in the Reality Scripts article.



Technique Profile – Instrumental Weapons


Ea – The Blade That Sunders Creation and Tears the Skies Apart

(Anti-World, Indefinite, Indefinite, everything within range)



Technique Profile – Registered Reality Protocols


Note: as is the case with all the Supernal bios, the list that follows is far from comprehensive. The Protocols listed below are only the most important and the most relevant to provide a firm idea of the nature of Adam Kadmon’s power.


Note 2: Adam Kadmon did not come into existence carrying all his Protocols. Some have been developed throughout the eons, the latest batch being the result of Adam’s completion and the execution of COSMO_INFERIA.


Aspectual Prerogative – Freedom of Learning (AKASHA=MUDRA_HALO)

Like all Aspects of God, Adam Kadmon is granted free, unrestricted access to the Akashic Records.


Fundamental Impossibility – Adam Kadmon is One and Only One (CALSIA=EXTENCIA_HALO)

Adam Kadmon cannot learn or use Techniques that would allow him to create substantial copies of himself, or Techniques that would allow him to bless others with fragments of his power (such as Sophia’s Blessing of the Eternal Maiden). Only Adam Kadmon can wield the power of Adam Kadmon, and, even if he could share his power with others, they would likely burst into fundamental particles, as there is nothing in existence that can adequately contain even a mere fraction of Adam Kadmon’s glory. The one exception to this is the Digital Hazard.


In addition, Adam Kadmon cannot use Divination Techniques to predict the future. Adam Kadmon’s nature is not to divine the actions of others, but to define them with his supreme authority.


Fundamental Impossibility – Inconceivable Perfection of Adam Kadmon (RACHEL=SUPERBIA_HALO)

It is believed that Adam was not created superior to all others. His superiority came to be only when he was acknowledged as such by others, and then it was registered and stamped upon the tapestry of Reality. Whatever the case may be, Adam is an existence which cannot be surpassed. Adam Kadmon has no fixed stats. Therefore, he cannot be targeted by effects that modify his parameters. If the effect of a Technique is dependent on the difference between Adam’s and another individual’s stats, Adam’s stats are considered to be 100. In the case of the other individual’s stat to be compared has a value of 100 or more (such as Lilith’s weird Reality Manipulation stat), Adam’s score is considered to be one point higher.


Fundamental Impossibility – Perfection without Boundary (NYESESMA_HALO)

There are no limits for Adam Kadmon. Any and all limitations within his Programs and Auras are imposed upon himself by himself, for he is possessing of Supreme Fairness.


Supreme Authority – Absolute Obedience to the Only Lord (ADAM_ANUVAZA_HALO)

All Supernals of level 40 or less obey Adam Kadmon’s commands unconditionally. They actually have no choice in the matter: Adam speaks, and they obey. He cannot order them to undertake obviously harmful actions (at least not without further compulsion Techniques), but aside of that his control is absolute and unbreakable.


Supreme Authority – All Hail the Lord of the Lower Realms (WIRA_SUPERBIA_HALO)

The Lower Realms acknowledge Adam Kadmon as their ruler and bow before his glory. Adam Kadmon can freely impose, control or suppress any environmental condition upon any place within the Lower Realms, without limitations of power and range other than the Existence available to his Incarnated form: he may summon gentle rain over Tokyo just as he may control ocean currents worldwide. Takato uses this Aura several times throughout the Last Holy War.


Adam can also use this Aura while in the Higher Realms, where he has absolutely no limitations of Existence. He may even create effects that reach beyond natural environmental behavior, such as a disembodied voice that speaks from the sky or unnatural cloud formations. The obvious example of this was the displays of power during the baptism and passion of Jesus of Nazareth.


Supreme Authority – Proclamation of Light & Darkness (ATZAL=UTA=TAR_KEHRYA_HALO)

It was Shekinah who raised the Boundary between Heaven and Hell, but it was Adam who commanded her to do so. It is Adam, and only Adam who wields to power to define who belongs to Heaven and who belongs to Hell—namely, who receives the designation ‘Angel’ and who receives the designation ‘Demon’, with all the consequences they imply.


Supreme Authority – Unchallenged Ruler of All Concepts (PHANDA_SUPERBIA_HALO)

Adam Kadmon can deny any Supernal access to any of his Agendas, and he has veto power to impede Hokuto from giving Agendas to or taking Agendas from anyone. He cannot deny Hokuto access to her Agenda of Agendas, and he cannot give or take Agendas from anyone himself, outside of the normal methods to do so.


Supreme Panoply – All Power for the Absolute Ruler (RIKA_GRAL_HALO)

Adam Kadmon knows and can use every single Technique created, except for Reality Scripts…which he can reproduce with his own Reality Script, anyway. This effect is only overcome by CALSIA_EXTENCIA_HALO.


Supreme Panoply – Invulnerable Aegis of the Absolute Ruler (EL_BARIAH_HALO)

Adam Kadmon cannot be harmed by those who praise him as Supreme. He is perfectly immune to all damage and cannot by affected by any effect that would modify his body, mind, Soul or Existence in any way he would not approve of, if coming from any entity with XANADU level lower than 90. Adam Kadmon may dismiss this protection at will, and he automatically loses this aegis for any length of time during which he relinquishes authority to someone else.


Supreme Panoply – Magnificent Presence of the Absolute Ruler (SUPERBIA=ABH_HALO)

As expected of the Agenda of Supremacy, Adam Kadmon’s very presence is superior to any others. Adam Kadmon’s ‘natural aura’ is nothing but the combination of the separate auras of his three wives, merged together and then empowered even further. Most fortunately, Adam can control and willingly suppress the power of his aura. At full power, its omni-dimensional brightness is too immense for lesser beings to tolerate. Only Supernals with level 90 or greater or those who are already blind can stare are unaffected. All others must close their eyes or lose them. Mortals are inevitably killed by the sublime power of Adam’s full magnificence, even if they close their eyes or if they are blind, for the glory of the Supreme Lord can be felt with every fiber of one’s being. For this reason, Adam Kadmon will never unleash the full power of his presence while in the Lower Realms.


Supreme Panoply – Omnipresent Sight of the Absolute Ruler (SUPERBIA=SIA_HALO)

This Aura expands upon WIRASIA.HALO. Adam Kadmon may also detect Supernals with this Aura, as well as Reality Waves. The Aura does not allow Adam to identify Supernals or to decode the Reality Code created by others; it only grants him awareness of their presence. In addition, Adam Kadmon can displace his senses (not only his vision) to anywhere in Reality, at will. This Aura cannot pierce the Boundary between Lower and Higher Realms. However, there are Techniques which allow Supernals in the Higher Realms to see what happens in the Lower Realms (not the opposite, though). Finally, Adam Kadmon knows instantly whenever a mortal ascends to Supernal status. 


Supernal Panoply – Undeniable Purity of the Absolute Ruler (SOPHAR_WAUTA_HALO)

Supernals of level lower than 90 cannot lie in Adam Kadmon’s presence. This Aura automatically deactivates if Adam himself lies, and only reactivates when he admits he has lied and reveals the truth. This Aura does not prevent Adam’s lesser from simply refusing to speak the truth.


Supreme Panoply – Unsurpassable Arsenal of the Absolute Ruler (SUPERBIA=RIKA_HALO)

Adam Kadmon’s version of other Supernals’ Techniques are intrinsically better than the originals. The specific improvement depends on the nature of specific Techniques.




Technique Profile – Selected Programs


Sublimation of Space-Time, Restoration of Reality, Creation of the New, Untainted World (CoSMo iNfErIa)1

(Support, --, Universal, Multiple [see text])


Supreme Prayer – Atonement of the Aeons2

(Support, --, --, the Supernal Structures)


1. Combination Program with Matsuki Takato.

2. Combination Technique with Lilith.



Return to Matsuki Takato.


Return to the FrontPage.

Technique Profile – Selected Programs


Sublimation of Space-Time, Restoration of Reality, Creation of the New, Untainted World (CoSMo iNfErIa)1

(Support, --, Universal, Multiple [see text])


Supreme Prayer – Atonement of the Aeons (Infelious Rhaplanca)

(Support, --, --, the Supernal Structures)


1. Combination Program with Matsuda Takato.

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