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The Original Sin (12000 BC – 9900 BC)



  • 12000 BC: Having followed the progress of humankind for the past millennia, the Hierarchy of Heaven readies the next stage of their Evangel of Heaven.


  • 10050 BC: Adam and Eve, incarnations of Adam Kadmon and Sophia, respectively, are born brother and sister in a Natufian settlement near current-day Tripoli (Lebanon). Multitudes of angels incarnate around this time.
    • Incarnated angels throughout the planet handpick members of their respective cultures to send them to Adam and Eve for education. Thousands of humans settled at the base of the Taurus Mountains (current-day Turkey) in the following years, waiting for instruction.


  • 10038 BC: Adam and Eve become aware of their Supernal origin simultaneously. Adam immediately takes Eve as his wife and together they travel north, towards the Taurus Mountains, where together they build their Garden of Eden in four days.
    • On the fifth day, they greeted the population settled around them, took the mantle of rulers from the incarnated angels present there and established a government structure to regulate the vast population.
    • On the sixth day, they listened to the different races and cultures, learning of their history and accomplishments, as well as of the many different places they come from.
    • On the seventh day, they rested in the placid solitude of their Eden.


  • 10038-9921 BC: Adam and Eve begin their mission on Earth: to educate the fledging humanity and stimulate their growth, development and evolution. These particular incarnations would not die until their contribution to mankind was deemed to be completed.
    • The education imparted by the Supernal couple focused on five main areas:
      • Development of agriculture, architecture and urban planning.
      • Development of games, sports and activities to stimulate human interaction and association.
      • Impartment of the family nucleus as the core of human education and development.
      • Establishment of the institution of marriage, family planning, arts and crafts and development of formal education outside the family nucleus.
      • Instruction on the Supernal Truths, acknowledgement and recognition of the Paternal Trinity (the biological father, Adam Kadmon and the Higher Entity) and formation of “prophets” to be sent to all corners of the world to impart this message.
    • As a long term objective, Adam and Eve were intended to improve the species, Homo sapiens, with the superior genes of their own progeny. This was intended to occur only after many generations of inbreeding, to ensure the controlled dilution of “superior” genetic material within the original Homo sapiens genome.


  • 9920-9917 BC – The Original Sin: Eve (Sophia) meets the incarnation of Lilith. Lilith convinces Sophia that their plans for human evolution would progress substantially faster with the direct sexual union of either Adam or Eve with selected superb human specimens. Sophia’s love for Adam conflicts with her love of humanity, so it takes three years for her to accept the idea.
    • Convinced of the good intentions behind this plan, and impressed by the strong personality and bright intellect of the selected male, Eve agreed to join him in the sexual act. With the deed done, a gleeful Eve left to surprise Adam with what she taught was a brilliant plan. A laughing Lilith spread the word of Eve’s actions to the inhabitants of Eden.
    • The majority of Michael’s Beni Elohim, who had chosen to Incarnate to accompany Adam and Eve, went along with Sophia’s mistake and mated with humans, infusing their progeny with Supernal energy. This was the birth of the Nephilim.
    • Adam and Eve quickly understood the magnitude of the mistake. In spite of this, there was nothing but piety, loyalty and sympathy in Adam’s heart. Showered by his love and understanding, Sophia swore to never again do so much as looking at any other man but her husband. The mistake was done, however.
    • Via Projection, Metatron descended upon the Garden of Eden to announce Sophia’s punishment. Eve and her unborn child were to be killed, and Sophia was to return to the Supernal Realms and never incarnate again. Adam claims he will share the punishment with his wife and asks Metatron for it to be diminished accordingly. Metatron does not accept this.
    • Desperate to save Eve, Adam decides to draw Heaven’s ire by repeating her crime. He allows himself to be seduced by a particularly beautiful and bright female specimen and procreates with her, leaving her with child. To his horror, the smirking woman reveals herself as his daughter Naamah. The resulting child is the Archdemon, Asmodeus.
    • Adam and Eve are expelled from Eden, their immortality taken away from them. Adam Kadmon will not be allowed to Incarnate again once his current human shape perishes, and his title of Systemic Sovereign was stripped from him. Sophia will not be allowed to meet Adam in Atziluth until a correction to the damaged Evangel of Heaven can be determined. To the Eternal Virgin, this is truly the most horrible of punishments.
    • The now-mortal Adam and Eve, along with their followers, migrated to nearby Mesopotamia, by the shore of the River Euphrates.
    • Birth of Eve’s first child, Cain. A second child, Abel, would be born a year later, with Adam as his father. 
    • War broke amongst the inhabitants of Eden: those who had gone along with the Beni Elohim and those who blamed the other group for ruining what Adam and Eve had accomplished so far. The conflict destroyed the Garden of Eden and most of the progress achieved was lost.



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