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Ark of Certain Victory

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Ark of Certain Victory – Fortune Favors the Bold


Owner: Raziel + Tzadkiel (Introspective Resonance Pseudo-Protocol)

Type: Support


A rather strange Instrumental Weapon in the sense that it lacks a visible form. Instead, the “Ark” apparently refers to the volume in space in which the technique’s effect takes course. While this would make it seem like a standard technique, SAMYA_JARA classifies this Dual Force as an Instrumental Weapon.


Within the Ark, circumstances are subtly shifted to favor Raziel and Tzadkiel. Basically, an apparently random sequence of very small and seemingly inconsequential events triggers a snowball effect leading to a highly favorable outcome for the Archangels. In a fight, for example, the two’s opponents will start slipping on banana peels, the dust clouds raised by their own techniques will irritate their eyes, they will stand in just the exact spot for sun glare to blind them, weapons will inexplicably slip off their hands, and so on.


Technically, Takeru and Ryo could use this Dual Force to help themselves achieve anything they want, from getting a free lunch to picking up chicks. The Thread of Destiny (well, more like Sophia, really) would frown on such abuse, however.



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