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Dáinsleif – The Life-Drinking Blade


Owner: King Högni of Denmark

Type: Anti-Unit

Avg. Power: 655


The dwarven-made cursed blade—a vile thing of black and red, perpetually hungry for lives and bloodshed. It is not an intelligent weapon, but it carries a strong “imprint” of vileness, urging its wielder to end the lives of others. It takes a tempered and stout will not to be overwhelmed by that urge. As per the legend, this Instrumental Weapon possesses the following powers:


  • Once drawn, the wielder cannot put down his blade until it has taken the life of at least one intelligent being.
  • The wielder gains 5 points of Dexterity. The wielder’s Parameter values cannot grow higher than 90 via this effect.
  • Wounds inflicted by the blade do not heal by natural means or intrinsic regenerative powers.



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