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Durendal – The Thrice-Holy Blade


Owner: Hector of Troy; Roland (current)

Type: Defense; Anti-Unit; Support

Avg. Power: 920


Amongst the most sacred and powerful weapons based on the Mysteries of Christianity, Durendal is a gleaming, unblemished holy long sword with a golden hilt and a band of gold along the length of the blade with the Kyrie Eleison (Κύριε ἐλέησον) engraved on its surface. It is a sacred blade, empowered by multiple holy relics of the highest power to grant its wielder, the worthiest paladin of the lord, power comparable to that of a Supernal.


  • The tooth of Saint Peter contained within the hilt opens the road to Heaven for the holy paladin: the wielder gains 15 points to all his stats. The wielder’s parameters cannot increase higher than 90 in this manner.
  • The blood of Saint Basil imprints the blade with the affirmation of the consubstantiality of the Holy Trinity, and converts the concept into an offensive power against the enemies of God. Defending against Durandal’s swings involves defending against three simultaneous attacks from different directions (Collinear Probability Refraction). However, while the opponent must defend against multiple attacks, if struck, he will only receive damage from a single attack. In other words, the refraction of attack vectors does not increase damage, only the chance to hit.
  • The hair of Saint Denis, like the Parisian patron’s miracle of cephalophoria, allows the wielder to delay his own death. If dealt a mortal blow, the wielders death is delayed for exactly one hundred minutes, which might be enough to leave the battle and seek out supernatural healing that would save his life.


Any person holding Durandal receives these benefits, no matter his nature. This amount of power would normally be impossible for a human to wield, but Durandal’s legend details that the weapon also contains a piece of the raiment of the Virgin Mary. The blessing of the mother of God grants the wielder a powerful holy protection, enough to allow him to wield the mighty blade without fear of repercussions to his frail human body. At the same time, the presence of such holiness on this blade stops any being tainted by true evil from wielding Durandal. Creatures of Hell that touch the sword are struck with holy power equivalent to approximately 20000 points.



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