Ea – The Blade That Sunders Creation and Tears the Skies Apart


Owner: Adam Kadmon; Metatron + Raphael (Introspective Resonance Pseudo-Protocol)

Type: Anti-World

Avg. Power: Indefinite


After the fall of the Babylonian civilization, its major deity suffered the loss of power all Divinities experience when their worship comes to an end. Being amongst the most powerful Gods in his prime, this decline was painfully slow, so slow it drew the fallen deity to desperation and madness. He hungered for other gods and their power, and his reckless eagerness to recover his lost greatness was best portrayed in what has been named “The Day of Sundering”: the destruction of Antioch in the cataclysmic battle between Ea and the Philistine god, Dagon.


Eventually, the broken god returned to the Supernal Realm, if only to disappear in peace. It was in this pathetic state that he was found by the Original Man. The details of this encounter are known only to Adam Kadmon but, in the end, the First Aeternal transmuted the weakened Divinity into a powerful Instrumental Weapon, radiant and mighty like the Lord of the Earth in his prime.


Ea’s power cannot be precisely measured, as it does not inflict physical damage, but disintegrates space itself. The sword itself is not even a sword, but a hollow cylinder of an unknown material with a diameter of half an inch. The cylinder spins at more than 250000 rpm, shaping the air and energy contained within it into a singularity. Then, the cylinder opens itself vertically, and the sudden difference in pressure compresses the singularity into an infinitesimal body of infinite mass and infinite gravity. This zone expands as desired by the wielder every time he attacks, consuming all existence within range. The power of this attack is so high that it’s practically unblockable except through probability-altering powers or an equally strong attack. Once again, the taint of warped feelings ended up converting a noble deity, protector of those who seek his aid, into a tool of indiscriminate obliteration.


Ea can strike targets as far as 7.5 x 109 meters away (approximately 0.05 Astronomical Units). The singularity is not affected by earth’s gravity (it would take a truly supermassive object to affect Ea in any significant manner), and thus it travels in a straight line.



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