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Enlil – The World-Splitting Blade


Owner: Gilgamesh; Metatron + Kamael (Introspective Resonance Pseudo-Protocol)

Type: Anti-World

Avg. Output: 33700


Named after the Sumerian Lord of the Wind, born from the union of heaven and Earth. An ambivalent god of creation and destruction, he was seen as a model for kingship and was thus revered by warriors and kings. Cursed by the Sumerian hero Enkidu, the ancient Divinity became the first victim of the King of Kings upon elevation to Aeternal status. The union of heaven and earth became a sword to split them apart.


Enlil is a weapon of antimatter bounded within mutually attracting and repelling magnetic fields within a space of 1.5 femtometers, which adjusts its size to the size of the target. Such a powerful weapon requires an insane energy output in a practically infinitesimal amount of time. It is a testament to the power of the original epic hero that he can wield this blade, if only for short periods of time. As for the Pseudo-Protocol created by Metatron and Kamael, Takato’s and Rika’s energy is supplemented by the energy of planet Earth (or the Digital World, depending on where it’s used) to successfully achieve this infinitesimal charging.


The antimatter layer cannot grow any longer than 6 x 109 meters, no matter how much power the wielder feeds to the weapon.



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