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Ex Nihilo II

Page history last edited by Daneel Rush 9 years, 3 months ago

Ex Nihilo II – Empty Faith Is Its Own Punishment


Owner: His Holiness the Pope

Type: Anti-Unit, Support

Avg. Output: 450


One of the Supernal inquisitorial tools of the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. A tool for instilling the fear of God on infidels and make them renounce to their impure ways. Unlike its father blade, this lesser Ex Nihilo does not look like a sword in the slightest, its appearance closer to a giant silver key of yore, with a large ring-shaped handle and a blade like a notched axe’s.


While the key-blade is certainly lethal if used against humans, it is not particularly powerful for a Supernal weapon. However, it is its impressive collection of effects which makes it valuable.


  • A true member of the Catholic Church has all his stats increased by 10 points while holding the weapon. No parameter can increase beyond 90 via this effect.
  • Any other person touched by the weapon is wracked by tremendous pain like burning coals.
  • The wielder can declare a single person “Enemy of God”. The wielder’s bonus to his Reality Reversal score against the branded target’s supernatural powers increases to 25 points. Only one single entity can be appointed in this manner at any one time, but the wielder can change targets virtually instantaneously.



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