Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo – The God-Slaying Sword


Owner: Metatron + Raziel (Introspective Resonance Pseudo-Protocol)

Type: Anti-Unit (Anti-God)

Avg. Output: 450 (45000 against Divinities)


The materialization of theological bigotry; the tergiversation of logic to denounce all other gods but one’s own. The argument of creation out of nothing to glorify the power of a concept of “God” as defined by the imperfect human mind. It is sad, then, that a concept as powerful as “creation ex nihilo”, which could have become so much more, was in the end reduced to a “mere” anti-god tool.


Against Aeternals, ordinary Digimon and any other being, it is about as effective as an average Champion-level Digimon attack (which can kill lots of things, but at an unnecessary energy cost). Ex Nihilo is only worth using against Divinities, as most of them can be easily crushed under its power of “Faith in a Creator God and Denial of Originator Power”. In other words, the sword uses an argumentative assault: its target, while power, could not have possible created or even contributed in a significant manner to the creation of our world. Thus, it is a fake God and must be purged. This explains why the blade’s effectiveness also drops significantly when used against creator deities of whatever mythology, as they are partially protected by their legend.


Ex Nihilo normally looks like a bladeless hilt. The hilt itself is disappointingly simple, consisting of a silver plate wrapped with a band of ordinary loincloth. The cloth looks dirty and ancient. However, when the wielder of Ex Nihilo attacks, a wide arc of what seems like pure white light follows the path of the hilt.


Note that this is the parent sword to Ex Nihilo – Empty Faith is its own Punishment, one of the Vatican’s Instrumental Weapons.



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