Excalibur – The Sovereign Blade of Indisputable Victory


Owner: Arthur Pendragon

Type: Anti-Army

Avg. Power: Indefinite

Maximum Number of Targets: Indefinite


The iconic and legendary sword of King Arthur and the quintessential symbol of power in British folklore. It is not a standard weapon for duels between swordsmen or even open warfare. It is a destructive weapon of the highest category; a one-shot attack of fearsome obliteration. It is meant to decide battles in one single, overwhelming display of unparalleled power.


We may see the infinite possibilities within a single sword attack as a stack of papers neatly piled one on top of another. Excalibur would then be a letter opener being used to separate the topmost paper from the rest of the pile. It reaches for the boundary between a single timeline—the present—and every other, and then “dumps” everything within its area of effect into the Limbo between dimensions. Excalibur, then, is not a destroyer like Merodach; it merely removes everything into a place from which it can never return from.


Excalibur is not labeled Anti-World because its area of effect is limited to a cone 1300 meters long and 130 meters wide. This effect cannot be activated remotely; the weapon’s owner must hold it and wield it as a proper sword to use its effect.



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