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Gandiva – The Primordial Power That Draws the Boundary of Heaven and Earth


Owner: Varuna; Arjuna; Michael (current); Karna

Type: Anti-Army/Anti-Unit

Avg. Power: 1200/720 (see below)

Maximum Number of Targets: all within


The legendary bow of the asura lord of heaven and earth, Varuna, and later wielded by the great Hindu hero, Arjuna. A magnificent weapon of gold and divine radiance, almost as tall as an adult man. Programmed into the Sephiroth system by Adam Kadmon for the Archangel Michael as “the most compatible weapon”.


The bow’s owner can conjure two types of arrows to use with Gandiva. The first arrow type, upon firing, becomes a tiny orb of nuclear energy which explodes upon impact, covering a spherical area with a radius of 108 meters. The second arrow instead drains thermal energy within a radius of five meters, encasing the area of effect into supernaturally hard ice (if used in an area with a typical atmosphere).


It is possible to fire other projectiles with Gandiva, but this is not the intended use of this sacred weapon and thus it demands greater effort and skill to do so. Gandiva is an extremely difficult weapon to wield properly because of its size and weight—Offense and Stamina scores of at least 50 are needed to use the bow comfortably. This is the reason Jeri had so many issues with it.


Finally, as a Hindi Instrumental Weapon, Gandiva is fully compatible with all Astra, and thus ultimate Mysteries of Hindu mythology can be used at their maximum efficiency with it.



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