Merodach – The End of All Hope


Owner: Adam Kadmon; Metatron + Gabriel (Introspective Resonance Pseudo-Protocol)

Type: Anti-World

Avg. Power: Indefinite


The omega blade. The all-consuming. The nightmare of the Outer Realms. The finger of God. Merodach is not a weapon of mass destruction. It’s destruction given supernal form. Merodach is the father of all blades, from which all legends and nightmares were born. Balmung, Gungnir, Excalibur, Durandal…they are all pale reflections of Merodach, the blade supreme. It was forged by Lilith from the Existence of the greatest of Babylonian Divinities, as punishment for assaulting Sophia. However, the blade inherited more than Marduk’s immense power; his hatred, his thirst for revenge and his boundless megalomania coalesced into a self-aware weapon too dangerous for even the great Lilith to wield safely.


Merodach is the greatest of all Instrumental Weapons, possessed by an all-consuming hatred and instilled with the most alien of concepts: “nothingness”. A swing of Merodach creates a vortex of impossibility, stating a condition in which nothing can exist. All matter and energy are denied their existence instantly and irrevocably. Only Seder Hishtalshelus could restore something destroyed by Merodach. Not even probability-altering powers can defend against Merodach, for even probability itself is destroyed.


Merodach looks by a sword made of darkness itself. It is perfectly pitch black, from the tip of the hilt to the tip of the blade. It’s darker than anything you could possibly imagine. When asked about what Merodach is made of, Takako simply replied “of alien impossibilities, nightmarish realms, twisted dimensions bent and wrapped in a single shape of aberrant geometry and endless infinity. Merodach is an abyss that, if mistreated, will expand until it consumes the entire universe. Even worse, it is nowhere near close to what I intended to make.”


That’s Merodach.


“We predate the Universe.

Everything belongs to us.

Our power is boundless,

Our desire is infinite.


We deserve whatever we want,

Yet what we truly want, we shall never have.

We exist outside the Thread of Destiny,

Yet we are its hopeless servants.


Let us then, indulge in our forbidden pleasure.

This world is a price we can pay.

There’s no escape now.

All hope is dead.”



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