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Miecze Grunwaldzkie

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Miecze Grunwaldzkie – Once Together, Forever Together


Owner: Johannes Liechtenauer

Type: Anti-Unit

Avg. Power: 675


The national symbols of Poland and Lithuania, the Grunwald Swords, gifted to King Vladislaus II of Poland and Grand Duke Vytautas the Great before the Battle of Grunwald by their opponents, the Teutonic Knights. They are symbols of victory and the glorious past which binds these two nations. Another case of Instrumental Weapons born not from a Supernal, but from the spirit of humanity and its pride on its achievements.


The concept of the Grunwald Swords is very simple: “whoever owns one, owns both”. The wielder of either of the swords—the swords do not have individual names—can summon the second one to his free hand, no matter where in the world it is. Alternately, the wielder of either sword can control the second one remotely using only his thoughts. The second sword will move on its own, floating in mid-air as if it were held by an invisible warrior.


Upon its spontaneous creation and registration in the Akashic Records, it came up to the Archangel Kamael to decide who would become the owner of the twin blades. The full details are in the Records, but it apparently involved a contest with both open combat and demonstration of individual skill amongst low-level Supernals. Eventually, the swords were given to the German fencing master, Johannes Liechtenauer.



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