Ninlil – The Vengeful Hand of the Moon Mother, Violation Blade


Owner: Lilith (former); Gilgamesh (current); Metatron + Gabriel (Introspective Resonance Pseudo-Protocol)

Type: Anti-Army

Avg. Power: 16000

Maximum Number of Targets: 400


The nightmare tornado. The scourge of innocence. Sanity’s requiem. Ninlil is the exaltation of the darkness within. Once released, there will be nothing else but death, chaos and agony to follow. It was forged by the Empress of Darkness from the divine essence of the Lady of the Air. In this way, Lilith usurped Ninlil’s position and fed on the faith of the people of Sumer. It was taken from her by the King of Kings, who then rebuilt Ninlil’s sanctuary, thus allowing the faith of Sumerians to create a new Ninlil. When Gilgamesh was gifted with Aeternal status, the goddess offered him the vile weapon as a show of favor.


The original Ninlil looks like a perfectly pitch-black sphere the size of a volleyball. Lilith created the weapon so that it can only be activated after chanting a specific aria. Not even the imitation created by Introspective Resonance Pseudo-Protocol is free from this restriction, and hence Takato and Takako have to pronounce the chant together to use their Dual Force.


“We are the children of the Everything,

Born of the Primordial Unknown.

Our bodies know infinite pain,

Our souls, insatiable lust.

We create and destroy at our whim.


Forgotten by death, lovers of life,

We withstand agony and inflict agony.

We are one. We are love. We are passion.

Our desire shall never be satiated.

So the blade of violation falls.

Shall those who dared face us receive our ambrosial ecstasy.”


Once the incantation is complete, the sphere unravels and unfurls into up to 400 infinitesimally thin ribbons of pure darkness which lash at everything and anything within a radius of 600 meters. The tendrils move autonomously, out of the wielder’s control, and do not distinguish between friend and foe. The tentacles swirl and spin without any restraint or control, and neither do they follow any apparent pattern. They just tear apart everything in their way in what can only be described as pandemonium.


Ninlil also appears to have a blocking and distorting effect on electromagnetic waves, and electronic devices break down in its proximity. Finally, using Ninlil appears to inflict a stimulating, aphrodisiac effect on its wielder. Takako bluntly admitted using the Dual Force “turned her on”, and Alice McCoy confessed in an interview to Takaishi Hikari that, after Takato used Ninlil for the first time, she always looked forward to subsequent uses of the otherwise disturbing technique.



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