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Szczerbiec II

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Szczerbiec II – The Coronation Sword of the Anointed King


Owner: Marchosias; Lilith TakaKo (current)

Type: Anti-Unit

Avg. Output: 195/5300 (see below)


The Instrumental Weapon based on the second Szczerbiec, Poland’s treasure. Unlike its historical predecessor, the second Szczerbiec is a ceremonial sword and a badge of sovereignty, not a weapon of battle. However, its longer history and significance as the coronation sword for the kings of Poland for four centuries has given its Instrumental Weapon form significant offensive power.


The power of this sword prevents it from losing its luster. Dirt and blood slips off its surface without leaving mark. While it normally acts as a slightly above-average blade, once per battle it can be used to unleash a very powerful attack on a single opponent. Finally, as a symbol of justice, the sword inflicts a powerful enchantment on its wielder, preventing him from speaking lies while holding it.


Szczerbiec II never had an “original” owner. It is not the signature weapon of any Supernal, but it was instead created from the sentiment of an entire nation. It is not known how the Marquis of Hell, Marchosias, came into ownership of this blade. Takako stored it in her Treasury of Nitocris after the great demon was defeated by DC, Henry Wong and Shiota Hirokazu.



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