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Yata no Kagami

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Yata no Kagami – Truth is Subjective, Subjectivity is Selfish


Owner: Amaterasu (former); Ninigi-no-Mikoto (current); Raphael + Michael (Introspective Resonance Pseudo-Protocol)

Type: Support


A Reality Script-type Instrumental Weapon—a Supernal tool with a restricted power on par with Seder Hishtalshelus. The ornate Eight Hand Mirror was originally a treasure of the Shinto gods, admired for its beauty and its marvelous “wish fulfillment” power.


The person who looks at his reflection on the mirror finds himself staring at an ideal: a projection of his dreams and ambitions; what he wishes he could be. By feeding the mirror with Supernal power, the bearer of the mirror can in fact become that ideal. The mirror can reconstruct both physical appearance and attributes as well as personality, behavioral parameters, intellectual prowess and even Supernal capabilities. The power cost and duration of this transformation depends on the extent of the change to be performed. If the change is actually within the realm of possibility for that subject—regardless of how much time or effort it may actually demand—, then the transformation can be made permanent.


The person who feeds power to fuel a transformation does not have to be the recipient of such transformation. In ancient times, Shinto gods would gift favored humans in this manner. Supernal Parameters cannot increase beyond 90 via Yata no Kagami’s power.



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