Aphroditis Harma

(To Tou) Aphroditis Hárma – Dove-Drawn Golden Chariot of the Betrothed Goddess


Owner: Aphrodite; Lilith; Lilith.TakaKo (current)

Type: Support


The golden flying chariot of Aphrodite, claimed by Lilith together with the rest of her Instrumental Weapons. It is a gleaming chariot of thin gold walls not meant to offer any protection. It is not a war chariot, but a luxury transport. Aphrodite summoned her Amyklaian doves to pull the reins of the chariot, but any single bird capable of flight that touches the chariot is immediately drawn to one of two available jeweled yokes (if any is unclaimed at the moment) and gifted with the knowledge, strength, endurance and intellect to carry the chariot’s owner to the sky. The chariot can fly at a maximum speed of 1000 km/h, but this requires a substantial expenditure of power, and animals other than the original Amyklaian doves are likely to die the moment they are released from the yokes. Regardless of the speed, the trip is placid and comfortable to the chariot’s passengers—a complex barrier encasing the open chariot neutralizes the effects of high speed travel. The chariot can take only two passengers.



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