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Enkidu – The Boundary That Stands in Defiance of the Gods


Owner: Gilgamesh

Type: Anti-Army (Anti-God)

Avg. Output: 4400

Max. Number of Targets: all within range


Enkidu, upon death, was given the chance to become an Aeternal. Instead, he chose to become his precious friend’s weapon, for eternity. The weapon, Enkidu, is a metal chain as thick as a well-built adult arm with heavy pentagonal bipyramid weights on both ends. It is normally 120 centimeters long, but it can grow up to 10000 times this (12 kilometers).


Upon release, Gilgamesh commands the chain to grow and establish a defensive perimeter. Enkidu cursed the gods who decided his early death in their pettiness. Within the territory defined by the perimeter traced by the chain, Divinities are not welcome. Should a Divinity step in the territory, the usually-inert chains will autonomously react to the invasion and attempt to both harm the hated god as well as push him back outside of their territory.


Note that the chain’s maximum length limits how far it can reach to attack intruders. For example, if Gilgamesh deployed the chain to its maximum length, and used it to draw a circle of the maximum possible size, an intruding God would only be attacked at the very edge of the territory delimited by the circle. For this reason, Gilgamesh prefers to draw smaller territories while deploying Enkidu in an outwards spiral, so that the length of the chain fills the entire territory.



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