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Lapis Philosophorum

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Lapis Philosophorum – The Golden Wedding Garment


Owner: Nicolas & Perenelle Flamel; Lilith (former)

Type: Support


Yet another tool Lilith picked throughout her endless Incarnations and added to her collection of “safeguards”. Its function is basically identically to Draupnir’s: upon death, the stone will power and trigger the spontaneous and immediate creation of a new vessel for the deceased’s Soul and Existence. However, there are of course differences. Firstly, the Philosopher’s Stone is not “worn”, and it does not even demand “contact”; only “possession”. Carrying it in a pocket would work, even if it never touches the owner’s skin this way. As the Treasury of Nitocris is, in fact, inside of Takako’s body, keeping the stone inside is enough to fulfill this condition.


Secondly, the stone can be used repeatedly by the same person. However, the stone by itself only carries enough power to indefinitely restore the life of an ordinary human. For the stone to work on a Supernal, it requires fuel and, unlike other Instrumental Weapons, the Philosopher’s Stone does not accept Existence the ordinary way. Instead, it uses Souls, which it transmutes into Existence to use as its power source. The more powerful the Supernal (as defined by his amount of Existence and the power of its Agendas), the more Souls are required for the stone to work.


Lilith used the stone once, to restore herself to life after being destroyed by the Angels of Prostitution in the Tabernacle of Broken Worlds. She doesn’t have enough Souls stored for a second use, and she’s no longer collecting them. Note that the original creators of the Stone, the Flamel couple, simply created a new one after losing the original to Lilith.



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