Mjölnir – All-Crushing Hammer of the Thunder God


Owner: Thor; Hel (current); Haniel

Type: Anti-Unit

Avg. Output: 4500


The massive hammer of Thor looks like the most unwieldy of weapons: a huge block of iron (7 ft. x 4 ft. x 3 ft.) at the end of a small rod of iron and gold no more than a foot long. It is nothing but a large instrument with which to crush one’s enemies.


The Prose Edda clearly defines the powers of this hammer:


-        Even if the wielder swings his arms wildly, the attack will be directed at the opponent in his mind. In other words, even if the opponent is behind him, swinging the weapon will make it forcefully twist its wielder’s body so that it can strike the opponent. This can be as convenient as it can be painful.

-        If thrown at any one target within line of sight, the hammer will inexorably aim for that target, chasing even if it is dodged, until the attack is parried, blocked or deflected. Even if the attack is prevented in this manner, the hammer will then fly back to its owner’s hand unless restrained from doing so somehow. If the target moves beyond the wielder’s line of sight, the hammer will automatically fly back to its wielder; the attack interrupted.

-        The hammer can be shrunk until it is no more than five centimeters long. However, this does not change the weight of the hammer.


Mjölnir requires at least A-rank Offense and Stamina parameters to be wielded. Also, note that the hammer given to the Archangel Haniel is a copy, and the Scandinavian god Thor carried the original until his death in Ragnarök.



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