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Sophia Character Profile

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"How should I respond when in the Highest of Heavens
they call my name as "Love"?


How should I respond who has experienced endless, boundless Love,
and have been repudiated from this world?


How should I respond when the world I laid
with such Love and Grace is trashed and decimated with war, greed and avarice?


How should I respond, who Am the embodiment of Love,
to see my sisters, daughters and children abused and neglected?


I shall tell you that She Who Is Love indeed is Wailing and Moaning:
The crucifixion of Her Son, know not such pain
As that which spill from Her Heart this day.


How should I respond when the means of this World
have not supported Love in this life,
but have put all else before
Her call to enter the Silence and be embraced in Her Great Love?


How should I respond when those with whom I have shared my Love
still choose the allurements of this mortal world and self-aggrandizement,
Yet leave this body and heart desolate?


How should I respond when those I have chosen have ignored my Call
And Mandate to bring Heaven to Mother Earth?


In the Temple of Sophia, a Wake is taking place Today:


Tomorrow when the children and women and old folks are fed;
Tomorrow when the needy have clothing, food and shelter;
Tomorrow when the guns are turned to plowshares;
Tomorrow when my daughters are not raped nor children beaten;
Tomorrow when we give back to and take care of Our Mother;
Tomorrow when in Her Name there is Rejoicing,


In the Temple of Sophia, a Celebration will Take Place.”

--Extract from the “Pistis Sophia”.



Allegiance: Adam Kadmon, and to a lesser extent everything in Reality.

Motivation: To love and serve Adam and everything in Reality.

Alignment: Lawful Good



Entity Type: Aeternal

Aeternal/Divinity Association: Aspect of God


Supernal Level: 98

Aeternal/Divinity Status: Absolute


Agendas: Analysis, Antimatter, Arousal, Attachment, Birth, Childhood, Courtship, Cuteness, Dating, Devotion, Dogs, Education, Enlightenment, Fertility, Forgiveness, Gentleness, Happiness, Harmony, Innocence, Intelligence, Intimacy, Joy, Laughter, Life, Limerence, Longing, Love, Love-making, Materiality, Motherhood, Peace, Perfection, Pleasure, Purity, Redemption, Romance, Self-Defense, Sincerity, Submissiveness, Suffering*, Tantra, Virginity, Virtue, Wisdom


*Sophia lost this Agenda with the execution of COSMO_INFERIA.






Offense: 80 (A-)

Agility: 35 (D-)

Dexterity: 96 (S)

Stamina: 70 (B)

Reality/Data Manipulation: 100 (S)

Reality Reversal: 95 (S)


*Note: previous to The Day of Supremacy, Sophia’s Stamina score was 25, indicating her constant effort into powering the Supernal Structures.




Technique Profile – Reality Scripts


Ark of the Covenant – The Truth Shall Set You Free

(Support, --, Personal, the SAMYA_JARA server)


Ayin me-Yesh – The Transparent World of Joy and Fulfillment in Formlessness1 

(Anti-Unit, --, Line-of-sight, one target)


1.  Combination Script with Shekinah and Lilith.




Technique Profile – Instrumental Weapons



Cosmou Entélecheia – A Forbidden Universe Only for the Two of Us

(Support, --, Line-of-effect)


Cosmogenia – Transforming Ends into Beginnings

(Support, --, Melee-range)


Sacra Cintola – I Offer Only the Very Best of Me to You

(Support, --, Personal)


Sancta Camisia – A Walking Fortress to Announce the Might and Love of Our Lord

(Defensive, --, Personal)



Technique Profile – Registered Reality Protocols


Aspectual Prerogative – Freedom of Learning 

Description: Like all Aspects of God, Sophia is granted free, unrestricted access to the Akashic Records. However, Adam Kadmon can restrict specific content from her with Seder Hishtalshelus.


Eternal Child Maiden – Eternal Child

Description: All processes of growth, development and maturity come to a halt the moment Sophia’s Incarnation awakens to her Supernal power.


Eternal Child Maiden – Eternal Maiden

Description: Sophia is forever virginal, both at the physical and the conceptual level. No matter how many times she is penetrated, there will always be a hymen to be broken. No matter how many times she enjoys the sexual act, Creation acknowledges her as virgin and unsoiled.


She Who Accepts the World – The First and Foremost Martyr

Description: Sophia constantly experiences the sum of all the pain in Reality, no matter the source. Naturally, this does not extend to Adam Kadmon’s pain, for that would lead to an endless positive feedback loop of pain.


She Who Is Accepted by the World – The World’s Most Exalted Guest

Description: Sophia will never be denied authorization to Incarnate or Project, and she is given complete freedom to choose her Incarnation if she so wishes.


She Who Loves the World – Aura of Non-Violence (NYEMANYE_HALO)

Description: Sophia cannot and will not start a fight. She can only use violence to protect herself and/or others, and she cannot make the first move. The Thread of Destiny somehow distinguishes between real fights and friendly spars, and this Aura does not apply to the latter.


She Who Is Loved by the World – Creation Honors its Mother (WIRABARIAH=HALO)

Description: Reality understands Sophia is an existence that must be loved and protected. All entities lose a rank in their Offense stat when fighting Sophia and all damage Sophia takes is reduced by 20%. This implies it is fundamentally impossible for humans to harm the Eternal Maiden.


She Who Loves Adam Kadmon – Aura of Boundless Devotion (ADAMLILITHIA_HALO)

Description: Sophia cannot harm, bind or hinder Adam Kadmon in any way unless Adam wishes for it to happen. Sophia did not even know she had this Aura; hence she was not surprised that her Aspect Seal actually worked on him.


She Who Is Loved by Adam Kadmon – To Sophia What Belongs to Sophia (BRAHMA_HALO)

Description: A blessing Sophia recently received from the perfected Adam Kadmon. As the Administrator of SAMYA_JARA, Sophia keeps all the benefits she had as keeper of the Supernal Structures, without any of the detrimental effects.


She Who Pleasures Adam Kadmon – Eternal Child Lover (NYANTALILITHIA_HALO)

Description: Sophia’s Stamina increases to S-rank when she is involved in an erotic act with Adam Kadmon.


She Who Is Pleasured by Adam Kadmon – Love is the Ultimate Bliss (ADAMLAURA_HALO) 

Description: While this Aura is in effect, Adam cannot inflict harm on Sophia. Damaging techniques instead turn into healing power and pain he would have inflicted instead becomes pleasure. It is a rather bizarre Aura, which Sophia can switch on and off at will. It seems like something you would expect Lilith to have.


She Who Protects Pleasure – Duality of Mother and Lover

Description: As her Incarnated form remains in the form of a child, Sophia does not menstruate. However, she has absolute control over her fertility. She becomes fertile only when she wishes and will not be at risk of conceiving child otherwise. This is just as true in the Supernal Realms. In addition, should Sophia bear the child of a mortal, she would be able to decide whether the child is born mortal or Supernal.


She Who Is Protected by Pleasure – The Ecstasy of Everyday Joys

Description: Sophia gains power from sincere laughter the same way Divinities gain sustenance from faith or acknowledgment. Unlike Divinities, however, Sophia does not need this sustenance to remain powerful; it is merely a useful additional source of power. Furthermore, the joy of humans also acts as a mild stimulant for her. Unfortunately, this ‘permanent high’ is nowhere near enough to counteract the effect of the Agenda of Suffering.




Technique Profile – Selected Programs


Desire Realm Barrier – Endless Cycle of Death and Rebirth (YEEWIRA=BARIAH.REINCARNATION) 

(Anti-Army, 111 per shard/1111 per beam/11111 per barrier, Personal, --)


Esoterica – Interval of Nothingness (ESOTERICA.STASIS) 

(Defensive, --, --, the SAMYA_JARA Server)


Forbidden Art – Encyclopedia of Hell—Remix of Faith— (CALSIA.KURPEDIA=TURMIX) 

(Anti-Army, 66666, Line-of-sight, All within sight)


Forbidden Seal – Infinite-Layered Ten Heptagrams Aspect Seal (CALSIA=LOK.GRALDIM_AEORIA_LOK) 

(Offensive [Sealing], N/A, Line-of-Sight, All Aspects of God in range)


Harmonious Lament – Forgive Everything (ZOUWEL.LAILIREA=SARVA) 

(Defensive, --, Universal, Every sentient thing in Reality)



Takako’s Notes on Sophia’s Techniques

“Sophia’s the ‘ultimate defense’. She’s a reactionary fighter like no other, incomparable in her skill at predicting, identifying, resisting, countering and neutralizing the attacks of her opponents. Even the Techniques she has that could be called ‘Offensive’ are but modifications of her defensive Programs. That is, except for ‘Encyclopedia of Hell’. That thing’s scary.


Sophia has one of the biggest repertoires of Programs (I still have more, though!) and she wields many different Insignias. She knows every single ‘Barrier’, ‘Angel Sign’ and ‘Demon Art’ program, as well as all Divine Arts crafted by the Hierarchy of Heaven. She actually asked for Adam’s permission before creating her signature Insignia, ‘Supreme Art’. Considering her involvement in the development of the civilizations of the Far East (mostly India and China), she also wields the Insignias generally associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism—for example, ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Mandala’, ‘Hell/Animal/Preta/Human/Asura/Deva Realm’, etcetera. She also has several unique Insignias: ‘Forbidden Seal’, ‘Harmonious Lament’, ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Eternal Maiden’.”



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