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Sanglamore (Lilith Custom)

Page history last edited by Daneel Rush 8 years, 9 months ago

Sanglamore – Retrospective of False Chivalry

Owner: Lilith; Lilith.TakaKo (current)

Type: Anti-Unit

Avg. Output: Variable (see text)


A variation of the original Sanglamore crafted by Lilith for her personal use and amusement. Instead of a glaive, she changed the weapon’s shape to a cinquedea, the popular civilian short sword from the Renaissance. This weapon is a bit longer than the average cinquedea, however, measuring 18 inches in length.


This version of Sanglamore has absolutely no offensive power of its own. In fact, it does not even have a sharp blade. Instead, this weapon has the ability to absorb the power output and kinetic energy of attacks it parries. There is no known limit to how much power can be stored in this manner. At will, the user can release all this stored power in a single attack. The wielder cannot choose how much of the stored power is released; using Sanglamore to attack always releases all the power it has stored at the moment. It is a weapon Lilith favors when she wants to truly humiliate the fools who dare oppose her.



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