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Philippan – Mystique of Adaptive Refraction

Owner: Cleopatra (former); Lilith; Lilith.TakaKo (current)

Type: Anti-Unit

Avg. Output: 0


At first glance, an ordinary European double-edged longsword of 77 centimeters in length. The only noticeable feature is its flat tip, its unusual width for its length and the odd way its weight is distributed along it.


The weapon’s supernatural power is not of the offensive type, but a minor cosmetic glamour that makes it both hard to defend against and hard to wield properly: the end half of the sword’s actual length is invisible, although not weightless. The complete blade is 154 centimeters long; the longsword is in fact a broadsword. The blade can be made completely invisible at a (relatively low) cost proportional for the duration of the effect. The value of zero in the “Average Output” line means the sword does not carry an intrinsic offensive boost—it hits as hard as its wielder can swing it.


According to the tale, Philippan is the sword Cleopatra gave to Marc Anthony. As the Roman politician did not become a Supernal, the Instrumental Weapon was “reclaimed” by Cleopatra upon elevation to Aeternal status. Then Lilith showed up.



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