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Olympia – The Sword to Connect the Ancient and Modern Worlds (Ολυμπία)

Owner: Athena

Type: Anti-Army

Avg. Output: 615

Max. Number of Targets: 10000


The sword of the Digimon, Minervamon, reconceptualized as an Instrumental Weapon by virtue of Suzie’s prowess and Jonathon Reilly’s reforging. Not made of metal, but of the ultra-durable strings Athena uses in her doll techniques, the sword has the ability to unravel its blade-shape into a myriad (ten thousand, in fact) of such strings, each individually controllable by Athena’s power and capable of growing to a maximum length of 160 meters. While nothing prevents others from using the sword, they would need their own means to manipulate the strings, for it is not granted by the weapon itself.



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