Gríðarvölr – Iron Staff of the Avenger

Owner: Thor (former); Hel (current)

Type: Anti-Unit

Avg. Output: 470


The iron staff given to the Nordic god by the giantess, Gríðr. It used to be a more powerful weapon with Anti-God properties, but its power has waned as the validity of Snorri’s prose is put into question. Thor finds it annoying that an Instrumental Weapon could also be affected by the passage of time and the weakening of its legend, but this is kind of a special case.


The current weapon is a nine-feet-long iron staff with runic script labeling the weapon as the giants’ gift to Thor against the trickster god Loki. The staff increases its wielder’s Offense Parameter by three ranks when used against chthonic Supernals. No Parameter can be increased beyond 90 by the effect of this weapon.



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