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Ascalon – Reverence to the Acts of Men Known Only By God

Owner: Saint George

Type: Anti-Unit/Support

Avg. Output: 900


The dragon-slaying sword of the wandering knight saint. As the legends and sources cannot come to an agreement on whether Ascalon is a sword or a lance, the Instrumental version assumed the shape of a sword as long as a lance. It is a monstrously broad sword, which makes it look appropriate for its purpose of beating dragons but utterly impossible for an ordinary human to wield or even lift. In fact, it is even heavier than its appearance would suggest: Offense and Stamina of at least C-rank are necessary to use Ascalon properly.


As expected, the huge sword excels when used against dragons and those carrying dragon blood, granting its wielder a bonus of two ranks to Offense and a rank to every other Parameter except Agility. The miraculous true power of Ascalon, however, only comes out as stated by Pope Gelasius: when the wielder of Ascalon is fighting a clearly superior opponent alone and without an audience to support him or even watch the fight, the sword’s bonus changes to two ranks in every Parameter (including Agility) and four ranks in Stamina and Reality Reversal. This bonus replaces—as in, does not stack with—the normal bonus granted against dragonkind and dragonkin. No Parameter can increase beyond 90 via Ascalon’s effects.



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