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Athame Trioditis

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Athame Trioditis – Triune Ritual Talisman of Extinguished Mysteries

Owner: Hecate

Type: Anti-Unit (Anti-Magic, Anti-Weapon)

Avg. Output: 0


Hecate, wary of the decline in power that follows the decline of a god’s faith, materialized her most useful Programs in the form of Instrumental Weapons unbound to her cult. Their power remains constant throughout the ages, allowing Hecate to use their immense power as long as she can fuel them.


Athame Trioditis is a set of three ritual daggers. They possess no Supernatural offensive power and thus inflict little damage on Supernals; it is their supernatural effects which make them Hecate’s most powerful Supernal tools.


All three daggers are identical save for the color of them gem studded on the pommel’s base.


  • Heart Breaker (Red Gem): a successful stab removes all Enchantment effects currently afflicting the target, regardless of the strength of the effect. This effectively dispels Enchantments crafted even by Supernals stronger than Hecate. Enchantments created by Seder Hishtalshelus are suppressed for exactly three seconds.
  • Manse Breaker (Green Gem): activation and a subsequent stabbing motion shatter all bounded fields in the path of the stabbing attack. This is a perfect effect, unless a specific bounded field is explicitly stated to be unaffected by such perfect disruptive attacks. Reality Scripts are not affected by Manse Breaker, unless they are compiled with Innate Script Boundary.
  • Weapon Breaker (Violet Gem): once it is activated, Weapon Breaker can disable whatever Instrumental Weapon it touches. There is no limit to the number of weapons the dagger can disable in a single activation, and the weapons remain powerless for as long as Weapon Breaker remains activated. Naturally, weapons the dagger cannot properly touch (such as Merodach) cannot be disabled. Weapon Breaker has no effect on Forbidden Instruments, Supernal Structures and Metatron’s Flower of Life.

Weapon Breaker has an additional effect: by accepting to disable all three daggers for thirty (Earth) days, Hecate can make a single attack to shatter an Instrumental Weapon on touch, effectively destroying it.



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