Kleis Khothonos

Kleis Khothonós – The Inevitable Future Made Present (κλείς χθονός)

Owner: Hecate

Type: Anti-Unit

Avg. Output: --


Hecate, wary of the decline in power that follows the decline of a god’s faith, materialized her most useful Programs in the form of Instrumental Weapons unbound to her cult. Their power remains constant throughout the ages, allowing Hecate to use their immense power as long as she can fuel them. This particular weapon, while powerful in its time, no longer has any use.


It is strange that a goddess of witchcraft such as Hecate so strongly favors melee weapons. The Key of the Underworld is another ritual dagger, expectedly shaped in the form of a key. To use it, Hecate does not need to stab her target—simple skin contact is enough. Upon touching the victim, Hecate turned the dagger as you would a key, and the victim would then be instantaneously transported to Hades’ homonymous realm (Reality Reversal applies to defend, of course).


Hades’ realm does not exist anymore, making this weapon completely useless. However, it allowed Arianne Skovbjerg to transport Suzie Wong and her allies to the pseudo-Hades the God of the Underworld had conjured in the Digital World.



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