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Skylakagetis – The Goddess’ Best Friend (Σκυλακαγετις)

Owner: Hecate

Type: Support


Hecate, wary of the decline in power that follows the decline of a god’s faith, materialized her most useful Programs in the form of Instrumental Weapons unbound to her cult. Their power remains constant throughout the ages, allowing Hecate to use their immense power as long as she can fuel them.


Skylakagetis is the materialization of Hecate’s connection with canines—the Instrumental version of a dog whistle. The whistle blow will summon any and all canines within the whistle owner’s predetermined range (maximum 30 kilometers). Dogs and related creatures within range will hurry as fast as possible to Hecate’s side. In addition, creatures attracted by the ultrasound are targeted by an Enchantment to accept Hecate as a friend and listen to her attentively. Ordinary animals have to way to resist this effect, but Reality Reversal applies to canine Supernals normally.



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