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Natalia Andropova

“For the Lord then said: ‘my son shall visit upon thee with a message of utmost awesomeness, while brandishing an open can of whoop-arse. Rears will be kicked by his immaculate boot, and there shall be much rejoicing’.”


Allegiance: Adam Kadmon, Reality

Motivation: To spread the love of Adam Kadmon throughout the entirety of Reality


Gender: Female

Age: 31 (as of 16/04/2034)

Date of Birth: 23/12/2002

Place of Birth: Krasnoyársk, Russian Federation

Nationality: Russian

Civil Status: Single


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 165.9 cm

Weight: 54.6 kg

Three Sizes: 85/57/85






Offense: 16 (F+)

Agility: 79 (B+)

Dexterity: 66 (B-)

Stamina: 50 (C-)

Reality/Data Manipulation: 74 (B)

Reality Reversal: 96 (S)


Skills of note: animal handling, knowledge of otaku culture

Languages: English, Japanese, Russian (native). While acting as the vessel of Micael’s Projection, Natalia is fluent in every living and dead language.





Alignment: Neutral Good



  • Heaven has often worried that Micael’s first Incarnation affected her more than she let know. Upon meeting Natalia Andropova, Takato could not help but worry as well. The girl was…a bit loose in the head.
  • Truth is, Micael is heavily influenced by the original personality of her chosen Incarnations or Projections. The human, Natalia Andropova, is a Russian otaku with an odd sense of humor who likes to have fun. Micael wanted to have fun in the Lower Realms (for a change), and thus he chose Natalia as his vessel.
  • Natalia (as Micael) is a boisterous gal who likes to make silly jokes and laugh at them. Outside of combat, her energy seems to be limitless. She appears incapable of taking anything seriously, and she appears just as incapable of hating anyone. She is pretty much the quintessential ‘genki girl’.
  • Micael is pretty much up to anything and everything, as long as it is legal and ethically tolerable. She enjoys pretty much anything an average person would find ‘fun’. From the original Natalia she inherited an almost unhealthy interest in the Japanese media subculture.
  • Her favorite phrase is “Jesus Christ!”




Performance Log



Battles Joined/Won/Lost: 3/2/1

Annihilation Duels: 0


Maximum Offensive Power Measured – Format: Power (Technique Used – Date)

Individual: --

Combination: --


  • Micael does not fight. Her dedication to staying out of combat is impressive, even. She completely refuses to hurt any being in Creation, and she has no Programs capable of inflicting direct damage. This does not mean Micael is incapable of defending himself, of course. She is an Aspect, after all.
  • While her “battle” with Gilgamesh is recorded as a loss, it was by far her moral victory, having even unraveled the King of Heroes’ Reality Script with a Code she developed on the spot. It would take Takato considerable effort (and two Archangels watching his back) to repeat that feat.
  • Her two recorded victories were against small battalions of demons led by Duke Gusion and Duke Vapula, respectively. No demon was harmed in either of those battles, and it would come to others to actually slay them.
  • Micael excels at restricting the actions of others and countering Programs in mid-execution. She was a most skilled user of the prototype COSMO_SUPERBIA_PROTOCOL before Takato completed it.



Supernal Profile

“For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; and the government shall rest on His shoulders; and His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

--Isaiah 9:5 (9:6) (New American Standard Bible)


Supernal Name (Reality Network ID): MICAEL_ADHVARA_WIRA_ALDIZ (former)

                                                              MICAEL_ADHVARA_COSMO_INFERIA (current)

Entity Type: Aeternal

Supernal Association: Aspects of God; Christian Mythos


Supernal Level: 98

Aeternal Status: Absolute


Agendas: Completion, Consecration, Miracles, Perpetuality, Truth


  • Taking advantage of Natalia being in Japan traveling with her friends, Micael Projected herself into the young Russian to meet Takato and drag him around Akihabara.
  • Micael acted from the sidelines, never involving herself directly in the war, impeded as she was by the Absolute Treaty she willingly signed. In her few Projections, she focused on restoring damaged regions of the planet and healing the innocent who ended up afflicted by the battles.
  • By the end of the GOSPEL storyline, the human Natalia Andropova is engaged to a man she met in college. Micael still takes over her body from time to time to visit Takato and the others. Natalia is more than a little bothered by those holes in her memories.
  • As an androgynous being of indeterminate gender, Micael is addressed both as a ‘he’ and a ‘she’.



Technique Profile – Registered Reality Protocols


Aspectual Prerogative – Freedom of Learning 

Description: Like all Aspects of God, Micael is granted free, unrestricted access to the Akashic Records. However, Adam Kadmon can restrict specific content from her with Seder Hishtalshelus.


Lamb of God – Aura of Peaceful Sovereignty

Description: Angels and Demons without titles of authority (Archangel, Archdemon, Duke, Prince, etc) in their respective hierarchies cannot attack Micael unless she attacks them first.


Lamb of God – Hands That Know No Violence

Description: Micael cannot use Offensive-Type Instrumental Weapons. Should Micael even attempt to do so, she would be punished with a loss of five ranks in all her Attributes for a number of weeks according to the type of weapon held—one week for Anti-Unit, two for Anti-Fortress/Anti-Army, four for Anti-World and twenty-four for Anti-Universe. Furthermore, the weapon would fail to activate.


Lamb of God – Shedding the Crown of Thorns

Description: Micael can disable his ability to feel pain at will.


Son and Daughter of God – Aegis of the Imperturbable God

Description: Micael cannot be affected by any effect that would lower his stats. This is a perfect effect which can only be overcome by Supremacy and by her own Protocols.


Son and Daughter of God – Gift of the Supreme Wonderworker 

Description: Like Takato, Micael has access to COSMO_INFERIA and is allowed to write and execute code written in COSMO_SUPERBIA PROTOCOL.


Son and Daughter of God – Humanity’s God

Description: Micael’s first Incarnation became a symbol of divinity in human history. He can be considered a Divinity instead of an Aeternal when circumstances would make that convenient to him. Effects particularly beneficial to Divinities would favor him, while effects especially detrimental to Divinities would consider him an Aeternal. This is in every way identical to Gilgamesh’s Partial Divinity Exalted.


Son and Daughter of God – Pillar of Faith

Description: Micael cannot gain power from Christianity the way Divinities are sustained by faith, not even if he wanted to. Instead, as long as Christianity exists as a major religion, he gains a bonus of five ranks which he can freely allocate to his Attributes other than Reality Reversal. No Attribute can be raised above 95 in this manner.



Technique Profile – Selected Programs


Demon Art – Unraveling Power of the Realm of Hopelessness 

(Defensive [Anti-Program], --, Line-of-Effect, one active Program)


Prayer – Agnus Dei 

(Defensive [Anti-Demon], --, Line-of-Sight, all denizens of Hell within sight)


Prayer – Ave Maria 

(Anti-Army, --, Line-of-Effect, all within range)


Prayer – Invocation of the Great Supernal Father 

(Support, --, Worldwide, Planet Earth and everything in it)



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