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Tachikawa Takato

“You know, sometimes, when I’m alone in my throne room, I wonder: what with how stupid you guys are, why haven’t I destroyed Heaven yet? Then, every single time, I remember: this is one of those cases where the end is disappointing…compared to the means, that is.”


Allegiance: Himself

Motivation: To savor the despair of everything in Creation


Gender: Male

Age: 5 (at death)

Date of Birth: 18/10/2015

Place of Birth: Zohar Laboratory, the Digital World

Nationality: None


Hair: Brown

Eyes: Light brown

Height: 169.5 cm

Weight: 60.6 kg





Offense: 76 (B+)

Agility: 80 (A-)

Dexterity: 83 (A-)

Stamina: 66 (B-)

Reality/Data Manipulation: 85 (A+)

Reality Reversal: 90 (A+)


Skills of note: ruining people’s day.

Languages: as the Incarnation of the Demon Emperor, Takato is fluent with any and all living and dead languages.





Alignment: Lawful Evil


  • There is not much to say about Moloch’s (or Satan’s) personality: he is one who most enjoys the suffering and despair of others. He smiles when his name is cursed and licks his lips at the sight of others’ tears. He is one who enjoys killing not for the sake of killing, but for the sake of reveling in the despair of his victim and the misery of those who will mourn him. He tolerates no happiness but his own, and he is happy only when others are miserable.
  • He has no other particular likes or dislikes. He enjoys luxury not because he finds it better than normal things, but because it is his prerogative as a superior being to enjoy the things a superior being should be entitled to. The same applies to things such as the obedience of all other demons, in fact: he does not demand obedience because he particularly wants it per se, but because it is what he must receive as the Lord of Hell. Humility and service are strange concepts to him, and for this reason he will never understand people like Sandalphon.



Supernal Profile


Supernal Name (Reality Network ID): TAMIEL_TOKAR/ADAM_SAMYA_JARA (Moloch—former)

                                                              SATARIEL_TOKAR/ADAM_SAMYA_JARA (Satan—former)

                                                              MOLOCH_TOKAR/ADAM_TAR_ZIREA (Moloch—current)

                                                              SATAN_TOKAR/ADAM_TAR_ZIREA (Satan—current)

Entity Type: Aeternal

Aeternal/Divinity Association: Archdemon, Fallen Angel


Supernal Level: 94

Aeternal Status: Absolute


Agendas: Duality


  • The twin tyrants of Hell, Moloch and Satan Incarnated in the child of Tachikawa Mimi. The main antagonist of GOSPEL up to Book Six.
  • His plots during Books 2 to 4 followed a script inspired by Apostle John’s Book of Revelation. While catastrophic themselves, the terrible events he unleashed with his Script of the Apocalypse but only his means to make time to assemble his army.
  • To allow the Archdemons who were not Incarnated to participate in the Holy War, Moloch made use of Project ADAM to create vessels in vitro for them. Furthermore, he took the failed products of Millenniumon’s project and fused them with six of his demon subjects to create powerful abominations, the Chimeras.
  • He also experimented on Digimon and many of his ‘modified’ digital monsters could be seen in his armies. In addition, he made it so that the many, many low-level demons in hell could Incarnate as Digimon, assembling almost the entirety of his Horde out of the digital creatures.
  • The plot that changed the flow of the war and marked the beginning of the end was his hacking of ERTHIA_SPHIIRA to feed its energy to his last Chimera. As the monster drained more and more power from the Perpetual Motion Engine, the Structure drained more and more energy from Sophia, weakening her to dangerous levels. He then launched an attack right after the Sixth Chimera’s defeat in an attempt to make the taxed Servers kill their energy supply. Sophia’s execution of Forgive Everything plus the realization of the threat to his Third Bride were sufficient to make Adam Kadmon break the Absolute Treaty and take the war to its decisive stage.
  • Moloch was the only one not sucked into Limbo after the clash of MoonMillenniumon’s and Takato’s powers. However, the battle rendered him completely mangled and devoid of power, to the point he needed a whole year to recover and make new plans.
  • He is eventually defeated by the Digital God, Adonamon. While he did not win the Holy War, he found satisfaction in defeating nine Archangels and Lilith in the decisive fight. With the reformation of the Digital World, Tachikawa Takato was returned to his mother in the form of an ordinary five-year-old child.
  • This latest Incarnation of Moloch left a legacy in the form of Nonaka Arisu, the result of his fooling Rika into believing he was Takato and then seducing her.



Technique Profile – Reality Scripts


Oratorio of Despotism – Pandora’s Box

(--, Support, a cubical volume of up to 1000000000 m3, the SAMYA_JARA Server)



Technique Profile – Instrumental Weapons 


Thamiel – The Division of that Which is Perfect Only in Unity

(--, Anti-Unit, Melee, one Supernal)



Technique Profile – Registered Reality Protocols 


Demon Emperor – Armory of the Demon Emperor

Description: Moloch is considered to own any and all Instrumental Weapons owned by all other demons, including Archdemons, and fallen angels, and he is also masterfully skilled in their use. He is not restricted by any intrinsic or extrinsic limitation that would prevent him from using any of these weapons.


Demon Emperor – Sovereign Brand of the Demon Emperor1 

Description: Whenever facing a demon, Archdemon or fallen angel in combat, Moloch can disable his opponent’s access to one Agenda of his choice. When facing an opponent with only one Agenda, Moloch can instead remove up to six ranks from the opponent’ Parameters, applying this penalty in whatever way he chooses. This Protocol can only be used once per target per battle.


Demon Emperor – Tyrannical Aegis of the Demon Emperor

Description: Attacks from demons and fallen angels with XANADU level 50 or lower have no effect on Moloch. This is not limited to attacks that inflict damage, but also mind-affecting effects, effects that would lower his Parameter values and any other conceivable way to harm his Existence. Archdemons are not subject to this Protocol’s effect.


Duality – The Authentic Dual Existence

Description: While Incarnated, Moloch and Satan can split their physical form into identical copies for each to inhabit. Their (shared) Parameters are not halved; their values remain unchanged.


Duality – The Connected Dual Existence

Description: Moloch and Satan can remain separated (as defined by The Authentic Dual Existence) a distance up to 54 meters without energy expenditure. Any further, and the energy cost to remain separated increases rapidly with distance.


Duality – The Evolving Mutual Existence

Description: Neither Moloch nor Satan can permanently increase their Parameter values if the other cannot do so at the same time.


Duality – The Indistinct Dual Existence

Description: Whenever either Moloch or Satan is the target of a beneficial supernatural effect or an effect that changes his form, the other is affected identically, no matter the distance between them. If either Moloch or Satan dies, the other does so as well.


Duality – The Quintessential Dual Existence

Description: Moloch and Satan are both separate and a single entity. They share their single Agenda. They share the same Parameter values, Programs and Reality Protocols. They always Incarnate in a single subject without conflict.


Duality – The Treacherous Dual Existence

Description: While Incarnate and sharing the same body, Moloch and Satan can execute the same Technique simultaneously. The Technique’s internal parameters and variables do not have to be the same, however. This Protocol does not work with Reality Scripts.


Sublime Boon – Radiant Aegis of the Child of Balance

Description: In spite of his vileness, Moloch is still the son of the two greatest Aspects of Balance. All damage taken from attacks is reduced by 20%, or by 25% from attacks by Supernals of XANADU level 25 or lower. Attacks from Adam Kadmon, Sophia, Lilith and Metatron, as well as from demons, fallen angels and Archdemons, are not subjected to reduction.


1Moloch acquired this Protocol due to and after the execution of COSMO_INFERIA.



Technique Profile – Selected Programs


Damnation – Death of Semiramis2 

(--, Anti-Unit [Anti-God], --, Multiple)


God Art – The Script of the Apocalypse (DEUS.SARVA_ANTA)

(--, Anti-World, Multiple, the Reality Servers)


2Combination Program with Matsuki Takato, Metatron and Gabriel.



Arisu’s Notes on Moloch’s Programs

“Umm…for some reason, I was asked to write something here, even I was not involved in the Holy War…we-well, I shall do my best.


Moloch has incredible skill with Reality Code. I like to believe he got that from me. In any case, he has a fine collection of Programs, all of them optimized to perfect efficiency. I also have to deal with his attempts at hacking the Servers on a somewhat regular basis. Most times I can stop him. When I don’t, well…bad things happen. It shows that there are situations that cannot be fully described with a simple ‘100 > 85’, as the people at XANADU would hope. Maybe I should rewrite some of my counter-hacking Programs using his Alpha Code…


Insignias…he knows all ‘Demon Art’ Techniques. He developed most them, so that’s to be expected. He also sporadically uses ‘Demon Emperor’. And, of course, there’s also his original and favored Insignia: ‘God Art’.”



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