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(Vision of Heaven)


Jeanne 1

Jeanne 2

Moloch 1

Moloch 2








Under my diabolic authority as Moloch


I shall synchronize with the Omnidirectional Matrix.


And through the proxy PANDRA


connect with the soul in varable JHN in the Chamber of Guf.


oReDaBlQash adamem eNZTem, TaRlGar SoLoMeion;


oReDaeBarQ QaeNarBan u SxyQaeNBan ReDerBarQas;


I shall connect with a lost soul and build a road for her.


We will merge our words together,


 and our prayers will become one.


aSlH StaoKuTam en adamau, eSeKash ReMeGDaen;


Ullue eTLZe u eZKe annuem lauem;


In your soul I see a dream that will become ashes.


That dream is too bright and too pure for this world.


Tniz aldiz_wira, sophar_wira;


Tue, YEOS sepeter M0 gene;


I dream of a world of light and purity.


I believe we can create that world.


Ghederenya sephon_dolr,


Ullue lauen,


Pleke gipt fine;


SeyoKeTash StasWeLeD;


Nir M0 EESdissee ph leire gran;


SooKeTam THm, SoladeLeLarH distar u lierear;


Sharing the pain of my people,


That is the world my mother dreams of.


I pray to find the blessing


It is a beautiful dream,


I need to carry their wishes into the future.


but it only disguises tragedy and sorrow.


YE sepeter -> playy rika ghs;


Whai TarLiKasar;


YE sepeter -> playy patha viis;


Wha SuSRash ealem;






nye pausis




Until sarve efezer;


SzarPuHas mer;


If you can, please give me power!


Why should I?


If you can, please show me the way!


For what purpose?


For the sake of my country,


Is that your wish?


I will not stop,


You will regret it!


Until I have saved everyone!


Sjaeria_taig warm wik hrd;


YEESblut yor, YEESaria uta aria;


kRtYEES con eny sarfea arrecia uta adeterear;


The courage of this country warms my weak heart.


Their blood is my blood, their life is my life.


For their sake, I would fight and win no matter the cost.


Con YEdeuzel gipt sara far -> YEOS sepeter kama;


Na ZiuZlBash annur distar;


If I step forward with your divine blessing, we can be strong.


There is no escaping this tragedy.


Na SuSRash vn-> blut ReTeRG;


Salphonen QuNlBash ruLiLiThm, StsaSerSarH LerDarZarma;


Annua pssa HuZash -> SuLlM SadeKuDZer;


Blood will be spilled even if you do nothing.


The people you claim to love so much


 care only for their own lives.


If you take this step, you walk only to a pitiful death.






Efezerya klann;


Efezerya sephon;


Efezerya FRANCE_aldiz_atzal;


Marte blut uta nyap kurauma;


Marte sarva ghs sepeter;


To save my family, to save my people,


To save the light of France's soul,


I would offer my blood and my lonely spirit.


I would offer everything I can give!


Dolfere zouwel_gral uta contrare sarva EESarrecia;


Until aria_anta dhe kRtley sarva;


I would bear all their agony and face all their enemies,


To the end of my life,


 I would do everything for their happiness.


YE nir hrd, M0 speter zouwelele soufar;


Seitel YE sarva skepen;


Sepeter YE dhe;


Sepeter YE until anta soufar;


Sepeter YE Sophia bhea;


You need a heart that can endure the most terrible suffering.


Are you prepared to throw away everything?


Can you do it?


Can you endure until the very end?


Can you become a martyr?


Dhe M0 uta dhe sarva sheikh_palserol arde viis;




I shall do so, and I shall do absolutely anything


Show me!


 to show the truth of this oath.


Arrecia con corus nyehom zoph;

SedorTeMaHliR idmai JEHANNE;


Soufar bhaura_gral con corus nyetokar sgen;


Gerre sephon_tniza uta dabo -> aria kRtEES ghs;

Dei SuSira SorSaVlRas FRANCE, BeBLarae na YeGLas;


Marte blut, aria, palserol;


With this body that knows no man, I will fight.

I present to you my name, Jeanne d'Arc!


With this body that will give birth to no child,


I will shoulder all burdens.


I shall fulfill the dreams of the people,

With your blessing, I will save France, no matter the cost!


And if I have to, give my life for them.


I present this my blood, my life, and this oath!


SoMeaHuR RuTNarau TuLlZr;


u TeBeaBlL hrdm ZKam;


HaaZ pssm u dei SSiai kamalar ZuL;


I have received your shining oath,


And I have appraised the purity of your heart.


You may step forward and enter the battle with my blessing.


SoLoMeione WeRliTash dem SHPm;

Wen SeQuNBash Xe SeQuNBarau LiKiPh;


M0 ruSHPm LuTlLash CiBiDhr vn-> SoNaPaK na BeS fen dem;

Wen SeadeKeDZash SoDeBlQ aHaZmarau cthr hell ZoBeionar;


The road that awaits you is a painful one.

When you cry, I will be there to lap up your tears.


But even if it is so painful you wish to give up,

When you die,


For you, there is no longer a happy ending.

I will hold your hand across the gates of Hell personally.



Owner: Jeanne d’Arc & Moloch

Type: --


We cannot call this a Program. If anything, it was a “chat”. Upon catching notice of the powerful Reality Waves emitted by that feeble-looking French girl, Moloch decided to push her into the road to ruin and enjoy every step of the way. He would not cause her to fall—he had done that plenty of times and would do so many more times in the future. It was more enjoyable to use her as his own personal Job: to punish her “in the name of God” and test how much suffering she could handle as long as she believed she served a higher purpose. It was likely she would fall on her own in the end; that needed not his cueing.


So, using Lilith’s MILCARNIA_PROTOCOL to avoid the Thread of Destiny’s and Sophia’s watchful eye, the Tyrant of Hell contacted the faithful girl when she was alone, in the guise of saints and angels. They conversed a number of times, but what you see here was their most tempestuous and important exchange. It was the moment in which Jeanne the farm girl died and “La Pucelle” was born.


Moloch gave her no supernatural power. He only reached her from time to time, they would talk and he would throw her some empty words of encouragement. But, to that girl amazing beyond comprehension, that was enough to sustain her unbreakable faith. She lived and died a “Servant of God”, and it was that faith which allowed her to step into Heaven after her execution as a righteous Supernal instead of having her soul claimed by her diabolic “sponsor”.


No matter the era, those who are presented with the tale of this miraculous girl must lower their heads in awe.


Author’s Comments on the Program


This Code has no place in the GOSPEL story. I just wrote it to build up on the setting, and because the topic of Jeanne d’Arc came up in an online chat. Still, it was a great exercise to brush up my MILCARNIA skills, and it fulfilled a meaningful purpose.


This author honestly believes that, GOSPEL aside, that incredible person known as Jeanne d’Arc deserves humanity’s admiration. Truly, a person like her will probably never be born in this world again.


Author’s Notes on the Code


It is very straightforward Code, really. Jeanne’s use of EQUERIA is the simplest possible—after all, she was not using it consciously—, and even Moloch’s MILCARNIA here is less complicated than, for example, Lilith’s ANTA.LUIREN that you can also read in this website. Well, Lilith has been using it much longer, so Moloch can be forgiven. It should be noted that Moloch does switch to EQUERIA for a few lines. 


At the very end Jeanne actually manages to unconsciously open a second thread to stream her thoughts, and to encode those thoughts in simple MILCARNIA. Once again, this was done completely unconsciously. This was a woman of immeasurable brilliance who was simply born to become a hero amongst mortals.


It should not need to be said, but Moloch’s second thread was not something little innocent Jeanne was allowed to perceive. Otherwise history would have turned out quite differently.



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